Major Resignation Sparks Chaos In Biden-Harris Administration

Vice President Kamala Harris has encountered quite a few issues ever since she forcibly launched herself into the national spotlight.

Most of these issues can be traced back to her breathtaking lack of experience relative to the role she currently holds, while still other issues can be traced back to the apparent environment of Harris’s office itself.

In fact, even CNN has reported on Ms. Harris’s apparently long-running “staff problems.”

“With many sources speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss the situation more frankly, they all tell roughly the same story: Harris’ staff has repeatedly failed her and left her exposed, and family members have often had an informal say within her office.

Even some who have been asked for advice lament Harris’ overly cautious tendencies and staff problems, which have been a feature of every office she’s held, from San Francisco district attorney to U.S. Senate.”

Well, it looks like Ms. Harris is experiencing so-called “staff problems” once again, given that her top communications director, Ashely Etienne, has abruptly resigned from her post.

The resignation was so abrupt that the White House couldn’t even invent an adequate excuse for her departure, instead using the rather tired “other opportunities” line.

“Ashley is a valued member of the Vice President’s team, who has worked tirelessly to advance the goals of this administration … She is leaving the office in December to pursue other opportunities.” [Source: Fox News]

Sure. By “other opportunities,” the truth is that Etienne is likely pursuing any option that does not involve being tied to one of the most disastrous vice presidencies in recent memory.

The blows just keep coming for the Harris vice-presidency, in large part to her utter avoidance of the few responsibilities she’s been assigned in the first place.

In fact, one role Harris has apparently mastered includes dodging the press during inconvenient times, such as when she jetted off for Singapore (and, ironically, Vietnam) during the utterly disastrous Afghanistan withdrawal.

Another inconvenient role includes laughing while simultaneously making bizarre remarks at highly inappropriate times, such as when she infamously declared she “hadn’t been to Europe” when she was pressed on why she had yet to visit the border.

Well, now Harris has gone to Europe for four days, lectured French scientists in a French accent, and returned home to even more abysmal ratings than ever.

In fact, Harris’s current approval rating sits at a grand total of 28 percent, which is the lowest in recently recorded history.

Needless to say, this approval rating is so low that a number of mainstream news networks are unable to cover Ms. Harris with the same glowing adulation as before, though a few diehard leftie commentators are still trying to sell the nation on Harris.

For instance, CNN commentator Bakari Sellers, who complained about his own network’s coverage on Harris’s fake French accent, has gone as far as comparing Harris to Hillary Clinton.

“[Harris] she just got back from a flawless overseas trip to France dealing with a very prickly issue where we had some freezing of our diplomatic relations with France, and she by all means performed extremely well …

When you have these articles come out, it puts a lot of us in a defensive posture, because we see that a lot of people are treating Kamala Harris the same way they treated Hillary Clinton, which is attempting to end her political career in a death by a million cuts.” [Source: Fox News]

First off, define “flawless,” as adopting an artificial accent is not exactly the embodiment of authenticity.

As far as the overly dramatic “death by a million cuts” remark regarding Clinton, Is Bakari referring to the same way that the media tried to “end” Clinton’s political career during the 2016 presidential election?

Apparently, Mr. Bakari has forgotten that his own network, coupled with the rest of the fictional news media, tried every dirty trick in the book to sweep Clinton into power in the 2016 presidential election, though ultimately to no avail.

If anything, the media has long attempted to end Trump’s political career in a death by a trillion cuts.

Bakari’s also certainly forgotten that his own network fixated on the now-disproven Steele Dossier, which was almost entirely based on the fictions of a Clinton operative.

So, yeah, Clinton really is feeling the “cuts” from the media.

More like she’s directed those “cuts” herself directly upon Trump and anyone else who dares to get in her way … And one can envision Harris following along that same path.

Author: Jane Jones