Manchin Abruptly Backs Mega Tax Increases

Senator Joe Manchin, a moderate Democrat from West Virginia, has long served a more reasoned voice regarding government taxation and spending.

However, he has surprisingly surfaced to the headlines this week by signaling his willingness to support a $1T tax increase that will result from a revised Build Back Better plan, one of the Biden administration’s numerous multi-trillion dollar spending packages.

In response to Manchin’s sudden shift in position, Americans for Tax Reform observed the sudden change, identifying the move as potentially hypocritical.

During a nationally televised Senate debate on October 18, 2010, Manchin proclaimed that a federal government should not “mess with any of the taxes” during times of recession.

Manchin added in his remarks that he would be unable to “to look the people in West Virginia in the eye and ask them to pay a penny more,” at least not until he knows that the government is being run in an “efficient” manner.

The United States is not currently in a recession, though inflation continues to spiral out of control. Inflation levels have also escalated as the Biden administration routinely pushes trillions more in federal spending, via bills such as the Build Back Better agenda.

Manchin successfully stalled the effort in December, though he is now contemplating a revised version of the legislative agenda.

According to Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist, “Manchin ran for Senate vowing to never support a tax hike until the government was running efficiently.”

“Everything must now be hunky dory as he just announced he wants a $1 trillion tax hike on Americans,” Norquist added dryly.

The Americans for Tax Reform President continued on to remark that Manchin apparently “just looked into the camera and demanded a $1T tax hike.”

“We know how expensive a liberal Democrat can be,” Norquist concluded, “how expensive is a ‘moderate’ Democrat? Manchin just told us.”