Manchin Gets Real About Midterms

Clearly, Senator Joe Manchin is a bit unimpressed by the hysterical furor that has surrounded the unprecedented leak of a Supreme Court draft opinion, written by Justice Alito.

The draft, which effectively overturns the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, has been grossly misrepresented in the mainstream media (to literally no one’s surprise) as a massive attack on women.

Amazing, all of the sudden the media is able to define what a “woman” is. Especially since Biden’s recent pick, who was literally rammed through the Court nomination process, apparently can’t define the word “woman.”

Nonetheless, liberals may well contort themselves into oblivion with hysteria over 51 or more different types of genders, but real Americans (as in working Americans) are a tad more concerned with other pressing issues.

Issues that Senator Manchin is acutely familiar with and is not afraid to speak about.

“Inflation is the No. 1 driving factor,” Manchin replied, making it rather obvious that a leaked Supreme Court draft is hardly going to turn the tide in favor of money-wasting liberals.

“I believe in my state right now it’s hurting everybody,” Manchin continued, “Not just at the [gas] pumps. But at the grocery stores. At the pharmacy – everything people do.”

Translation: Manchin actually speaks about all people, and all their needs. Notice how Manchin doesn’t say “all women” or “all minorities” or “all (insert special interest group X)”; he simply says “everybody.”

As he is representing everybody, whether or not they voted for him. It’s nice to see an elected official that not only remembers that, but demonstrates that.

Senator Lindsey Graham also echoes Manchin’s thoughts, noting that “the midterms will not be decided on Roe v. Wade,” despite a braindead leftist activist’s best efforts.

“[The midterms are] going to be decided on your personal safety, inflation, the issues that people care about the most,” Graham declared.

Basically, some liberal tried to swing an entire midterm election over leaking a draft, though the ones most pissed about the draft are hopeless Democrats anyway.

So, nice work, lefty. All that leak did was reveal how desperate the Dems are.

Desperate to avoid reality, that’s for sure.

“Follow the money,” Manchin remarked, in reference to the fact that the U.S. trade deficit has now soared 22 percent to $109.8B, while gas remains well over $4 per gallon.

Given that the Federal Reserve has just initiated the most aggressive interest rate hike since 2000, with the rate spiraling upward to ever higher levels in the coming months, the odds of serious economic woes deepening are highly likely.

And while Americans are certainly following the money, they’re also following several other troubling developments that have unraveled across the nation.

Such as the utterly Orwellian “Disinformation Governance Board,” which is apparently being led by someone who has made a career of spreading … disinformation.

It would be hilarious if the implications weren’t so dark.

Little wonder that Senator Tom Cotton has subsequently introduced legislation to combat such a brazen assault on the free exchange of ideas.

“The Biden administration wants a government agency dedicated to cracking down on what its subjects can say, an idea popular with Orwellian governments everywhere,” Cotton proclaimed, “this board is unconstitutional and un-American – my bill puts a stop to it.”

Kind of amazing that the White House is ranting and raving about an “unconstitutional” Supreme Court draft that is not even remotely unconstitutional, all while simultaneously creating a department that most definitely runs contrary to the Constitution, starting with the First Amendment and followed closely by the Fourth.

As Graham saliently questions, “in a democracy, the question for us all: Is it good to add constitutional rights that don’t exist in the Constitution because you prefer an outcome?”

Clearly, the White House is angling for “an outcome” that is likely in the interests of few, aside from the communist oligarchs that the Clintons love to cozy up to.

Author: Jane Jones