Mark Levin Shreds Liberal Actor Over Biden

By Brian Flood September 29, 2020 | Image Source : Fox News

Mark Levin slammed Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a “self-righteous egomaniac” for endorsing former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris and said a self-proclaimed independent willing to support the Democratic ticket should help motivate conservatives to reelect President Trump.

The Rock announced he would support Biden on Sunday, marking the first time he’s ever publicly thrown his weight behind a political candidate — but Levin isn’t a fan.

Mark Levin slammed Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as a “self-righteous egomaniac” for endorsing former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Kamala Harris.

“Self-righteous egomaniac. And why should we care who another actor endorses? What a surprise, he endorses the Democrats,” Levin wrote. “Well, then, let’s stop thinking for ourselves, no longer worry about the Republic, vote for a mentally incapacitated lifetime political hack, because ‘the Rock’ is stupid enough to do so. Uh, no.”

“I’m going to be pushing this political conversation just a little bit more,” Johnson began saying in the video, before presenting an online chat he had with the duo. “Look, I’ve got friends in all parties, but the one thing we can always agree on is the conversation and the dialogue, and where that conversation lands is always the most critical part. Now, this is something that I’ve certainly not done in the past, so I’m going to go big. You guys know me, if I go, I go big!”

He added: “As a registered independent for years now with centrist ideologies, I do feel that Vice President Biden and Sen. Harris are the best choice to lead our country, and I am endorsing them to become president and vice president.”

The WWE legend then showed a recent conversation with Biden and Harris, in which he appeared virtually from his home while they sat together on a stage. He began by showering the two candidates with what he sees as their respective qualifications for the White House.

“You’ve led, in my opinion, with great compassion and heart and drive, but also soul,” he said of Biden.

Turning his attention to Harris, Johnson said: “You’ve been an attorney, a district attorney, a state attorney, a U.S. senator, smart, tough – I’ve seen you in those hearings – and, in my opinion, you are a certified bada–.”

Levin doesn’t think anyone who claims to be a centrist or independent should support a ticket that features Harris.

“By the way, to show you what a clown ‘the Rock’ truly is, he says he’s a centrist and Independent, yet he’s effusive in his support for Kamala Harris, who’s the most leftwing senator in the Senate (left of Sanders!), and was the most vicious and vile hack of the bunch during Brett Kavanaugh‘s confirmation hearings,” Levin added. “This should make you even more active in re-electing President Trump.”

Johnson’s foray into politics comes after he previously told Rolling Stone that he didn’t vote in 2016. Although he voted for Barack Obama twice, he said he felt the choices the last time around weren’t adequate on either side.

Author: Brian Flood

Source: Fox News: Mark Levin slams Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson as ‘self-righteous egomaniac’ for endorsing Biden

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