Massive Teachers Union Threatens War Over CRT

One of the largest teachers unions in the United States, the National Education Association (NEA), has recently proclaimed its intentions to “fight back” against individuals and entities that oppose teaching critical race theory (CRT) in public schools.

Various state legislators have expressed serious concerns over CRT, and they have subsequently worked towards passing various measures designed to ban CRT from public school classrooms. Nonetheless, the NEA has continued doubling down on its support of the ultra-leftist ideology.

Consequently, the NEA adopted its own measures, claiming that it will use its public stature to openly support presumably “honest” and “accurate” teaching of various social sciences topics, “including truthful and age-appropriate accountings of unpleasant aspects of American history, such as slavery, and the oppression and discrimination of … peoples of color.”

The NEA also stressed that the “continued impact” of this history continues to influence society to this day. In addition, organization also claimed that it is “appropriate” and “reasonable” to use “academic frameworks” for students’ understanding of the influence of history upon the present, which would include the framework of CRT.

Moreover, the NEA vowed to fight back against “rhetoric” that presumably denigrates the divisive CRT.

The giant teachers union has thrown its support behind a range of concepts related to “empire” and “white supremacy,” including “anthropocentrism,” “ableism,” “capitalism,” “cisheteropatriarchy,” “patriarchy,” “racism,” “anti-Indigeneity,” and “anti-Blackness,” Per the NEA, all of these topics are appropriate to cover in a public school setting.

The NEA, which has more than 2.3 million members, also intends to join BLM in calling for October 14, or George Floyd’s birthday, to be recognized as “a national day of action,” wherein public schools should teach various lessons regarding “oppression” and “structural racism.”

This resolution is not an enormous surprise, given that the NEA has transformed social justice into one of its prominent advocacy issues.

As far as opponents of CRT are concerned, the NEA claims that its measures are necessary since “anti-racist teachers” are facing “attacks,” which are apparently funded by the Heritage Foundation and other similarly minded organizations.

However, the Heritage Foundation has no intention of giving up its fight. In remarks to The Federalist, Jessica Anderson, the executive director of the Heritage Foundation, argues that “woke teachers unions” must face reality, which includes Americans’ generally widespread opposition to teaching CRT in schools.

Anderson also added that the NEA and other similarly-minded unions are currently participating in “a coordinated misinformation campaign” in order to retaliate against the Heritage Foundation and Heritage Action.

However, “the American people will not be deterred, and their smear campaign will ultimately fail,” Anderson concluded.