Maxine Has No Use For Police — Except When Voters Aren’t Looking

During her recent trip to Minnesota, Rep. Maxine Waters requested police protection, as revealed by recently released documents. This request came in spite of the fact that demonstrators were told to become more “confrontational” if a guilty verdict for Derek Chauvin was not reached.

The travel logs of Maxine Waters, as revealed by Townhall, illuminate that she requested the presence of U.S. Capitol Police during her trip from D.C. to Minneapolis. The logs also claimed that Waters faced a  “moderate” form of risk.

This past weekend, Waters inflamed a crowd of protestors by proclaiming no other options are available but a guilty verdict for Derek Chauvin, who faced charges of manslaughter, second-degree murder, and third-degree murder. On his part, Chauvin pled “not guilty” to all three charges.

Nonetheless, Waters proclaimed that “if nothing does not happen” with regards to the outcome of the Derek Chauvin trial, then “all of the talk that took place” has been futile, which is why the crowd has to continue to “fight” for equality and justice.

Judge Peter Cahill skewered the commentary of Maxine Waters, noting that she ironically might have provided Chauvin’s defense team with the means of having “this whole trial being overturned.”

Cahill also pled for politicians to stop public commentary on the then-ongoing case.

Waters, however, claims that her words cannot be used against her in the future, according to statements made on CNN.

The California Rep. has also faced intense backlash from Republicans.

For instance, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene recently introduced a resolution that would result in the removal of Maxine Waters from Congress, while House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy announced that he would pursue a censure resolution against Waters earlier in the week.

The jury for the Derek Chauvin trial has been deliberating the past few days, and a verdict was anticipated early this week. In the meantime, various cities have been preparing themselves for potential unrest, given the response to Floyd’s passing during the previous summer.