Maxine Waters Caught In Next-Level Money Funneling Scheme

Maxine Waters (D-CA) has reportedly paid her daughter multiple thousands of dollars in campaign funds this year, despite the fact that she serves as the House Financial Services Committee Chairwoman.

Fox News reviewed various campaign finance records, determining that Waters’s campaign has paid Karen Waters, her daughter, a total of $74,000 in donor cash in 2021, as of September.

In the past quarter alone, Ms. Karen Waters has received over $20,000, which is approximately one-third of the average American household income for the year of 2020, per data from the Census Bureau.

When pressed for comment on payments directly to her daughter, Rep. Waters did not provide an immediate reply to Fox News.

Since 2003, Rep. Waters’s daughter has received over $1.1M for the alleged work that she has performed on her mother’s varied campaigns.

For instance, the 2020 election cycle was a particularly lucrative year for the younger Waters, as she received approximately $250,000 in compensation.

Karen Waters is apparently able to receive such high compensation due to the role that she plays in organizing slate-mailing operations, which are designated for enhancing her mother’s re-election opportunities.

However, slate-mailing is a highly uncommon practice in federal elections. At the federal level, a consulting firm is typically hired in order to develop a pamphlet that delineates various candidates and policy measures, and it also provides insight into how voters should cast their ballots.

Rep. Waters was apparently the only sole federal politician that took advantage of the slate-mailer operation in the midst of the 2020 general election cycle.

In addition to paying her daughter over $1.1M in donor funds over the years, Rep. Waters has also extended financial benefits to other family members.

As reported by the Los Angeles Times in 2004, Rep. Waters had also provided more than $1M in donor funds to various family members over the prior eight years, presumably for the work they did on her various political campaigns.