Mayo Clinic Fires Over 700 Employees — Can You Guess Why?

Mayo Clinic, which is widely perceived as one of the highest quality hospitals in the United States, recently decided to dismiss upwards of 700 employees for failing to adhere to the hospital’s vaccine mandate policy.

According to the policy set forth by the Minnesota-based health system, employees had until January 3 to receive their first shots, or to provide documentation for a religious or medical exemption, as reported by the Star Tribune. Thus far, Mayo Clinic has reported granting the vast majority of various exemption requests.

The vaccine mandate was introduced into Mayo Clinic’s policy in the past year, with the hospital system noting that it is necessary for providing the safest potential environment for its employees. In general, people from all over the globe travel to the United States to receive treatment at the Mayo Clinic’s facilities.

According to the healthcare organization, approximately 99 percent of its staff have complied with the vaccine policy, which means “they have been vaccinated or have received medical or religious exemptions,” as revealed by a statement provided by Mayo Clinic.

“Approximately 1 percent of staff across all locations will be released from employment as a result of the required vaccination program,” the statement continued, adding that Mayo Clinic’s data aligns with “what other health care organizations have experienced” with regards to the coronavirus vaccine.

Currently, Mayo Clinic is the largest employer in Minnesota. The organization also operates various clinics and hospitals in Wisconsin, Iowa, Florida, and Arizona.

The organization also remarked that it feels “saddened to lose valuable employees,” though it is vital “to take all steps necessary” to ensure the safety of patients, visitors, employees, and communities.

If individuals negatively impacted by Mayo Clinic’s vaccine mandates are ultimately vaccinated at a later date, then “the opportunity exists for them to apply … to Mayo Clinic for future job openings,” Mayo Clinic continued in its statement.

In general, vaccine mandates have been enormously controversial across the nation.

Vaccine mandates have been controversial across the country.

Numerous employers remain generally unsure about how to implement vaccine mandates across the workforce, and several are extremely concerned about losing vital staff during times of contractions in the labor market.

Moreover, the Supreme Court is set to hear arguments about the the constitutional and legal validity of vaccine mandates on Friday, January 7.

According to Todd Logsdon, a Kentucky-based attorney who represents companies in terms of workplace safety, “the quicker [the Supreme Court] can issue the decision [on vaccine mandates], the better.”