McCloskey Clan Goes To Bat For Rittenhouse

This week, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, the famous “gun couple” that confronted BLM in their St. Louis community, traveled to Kenosha in order to support Kyle Rittenhouse. The 18-year-old is currently on trial for double homicide, which occurred when he shot two rioters fatally. A third individual was also injured in the fray.

Rittenhouse entered a plea of “not guilty” for all charges, arguing that he engaged in self-defense.

Mark McCloskey asserted that he hopes the teenager will be acquitted on all the charges he faces, particularly since he, along with his wife, are fierce advocates of the Second Amendment and Americans’ constitutionally enshrined right to defend themselves. These rights are particularly important when the government fails to serve as an appropriate defense mechanism.

“From what we understand …. I’m hoping for an acquittal on all counts,” McCloskey remarked.

He added that he and his wife were in Kenosha “to support people who exercise their Second Amendment rights to defend themselves,” particularly when the government is not available.

“Citizens have to protect themselves,” McCloskey declared.

McCloskey also skewered the “Defund Police” movement, noting that if the police are defunded, then “the government is not there to protect the citizens, [which means] the citizens have to protect themselves.”

In Summer 2020, the McCloskey couple confronted BLM protestors who aggressively trespassed throughout their neighborhood by brandishing their firearms. The couple pled guilty to misdemeanor offenses in June, as reported by The Daily Wire.

Specifically, Mark McCloskey entered a “guilty” plea for fourth-degree assault and received a $750 fine. Patricia McCloskey entered a “guilty” plea for second-degree harassment and received a $2,000 fine. Both McCloskeys also agreed to giving up the firearms they had utilized in the altercation.

However, within a few months of their pleas, GOP Governor Michael Parson issued pardons to the couple.

In statements to Fox News, the McCloskeys further affirmed their support for Rittenhouse.

“We feel for Mr. Rittenhouse,” Mark McCloskey mused, adding that he believes the teenager “acted in self-defense.”

McCloskey also continued onward to note that Rittenhouse is being “politically prosecuted,” and he is hopeful that the jury will ultimately determine that Rittenhouse is “not guilt on all counts.”

“[Then] he can go home a free man,” McCloskey noted, continuing on to remark that Rittenhouse “was doing the best he could” to help the nation and protect businesses in Kenosha.

As a result of his efforts, “he’s having the rest of his life threatened,” McCloskey remarked.

While many believed that Rittenhouse deliberations would commence on Monday evening, Judge Schroeder, who presides over the case, sent them home and requested for their return to the courthouse by 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday morning.

Interestingly, Rittenhouse picked his own jurors by removing various assigned numbers out of a raffle-style drum.

Since 18 jurors remained, Rittenhouse was asked to remove six scraps of paper from the jurors’ assigned numbers. Six of the jurors drawn were requested to be alternates, although they will probably not be used, according to the judge.

The remaining twelve jurors will ultimately determine the final verdict for Rittenhouse.