McConnell Stuns With Trump 2024 Remark

Recently, Republican Senator Mitch McConnell made a surprising remark to Axios regarding the possibility of Trump 2024.

Specifically, the Senate Minority Leader stated that he will support the former president if he makes another run for the White House in 2024, provided that Trump becomes the official 2024 Republican presidential candidate.

McConnell’s remarks mirror similar commentaries made in 2021, just a few weeks after openly blaming Trump for engendering the events of January 6 on Capitol Hill.

McConnell also seemed amused by the fact that many met his support of Trump with surprise, despite the fact that both men are in the same political party.

“As the Republican leader in the Senate,” McConnell drawled, “it should not be a front-page headline that I will support the Republican nominee for president.”

In remarks to Jonathan Swan at Axios, McConnell also noted that he has “an obligation to support the nominee of my party.”

“Whoever the nominee is has … earned the nomination,” McConnell added.

On February 13, 2021, McConnell was far harsher in his commentary on Trump, asserting that the former president’s behavior prior to the attack constituted a “disgraceful dereliction of duty.”

McConnell also declared that there was “no question” that Trump was “morally” and “practically” responsible for the tragic events that unfolded on January 6.

However, within a couple of weeks of these remarks, McConnell informed Fox News that he would support Trump if he were to be nominated once again to be the GOP presidential candidate.

Swan inquired whether McConnell’s support of Trump might seem contradictory in the face of his remarks following the attack on Capitol Hill.

“Not at all inconsistent,” McConnell replied, adding that he stands fully by everything he stated on January 6, 2021 in addition to his remarks on February 13, 2021.

Trump has frequently gone to bat with McConnell in the press, referring to him as “The Old Crow” after the Senate Minority Leader offered his congratulations to Biden for winning the 2020 presidential election.

In addition, Trump has also taken issue with the face that McConnell refuses to endorse the censuring of Rep. Liz Cheney and Rep. Adam Kizinger. On his part, McConnell has asserted that it is “not the job” of the RNC to censure GOP representatives.

Trump, however, argued that McConnell’s argument against “[censuring] walking Democrat sound bites,” namely “Cryin’ Adam Kizinger” along with Liz Cheney, “is so against what Republicans are about.”

He also added that censuring Kizinger and Cheney would be “very appropriate.”

However, the former president noted that McConnell’s remarks on censure were “not as bad as the two-month extension” given to Democrats just “when they were ready to fold.”