McEnany Brilliantly Exposes Psaki, See How …

Kayleigh McEnany is back, doing what she does best: Revealing the lunacy of the left while extolling the virtues of the right. And, in doing so, reveling the extreme, ongoing corruption omnipresent in the fake news media, starting with its extreme bias.

After all, just look at how often Ms. Psaki, the present White House Press Secretary, can get out of answering, merely by saying she will “circle back” at some point. Unfortunately, Psaki circles so frequently that it is difficult to keep track of when, where, or even what she will ultimately circle back to. Which is kind of the point … Psaki never has to answer anything real.

And, like a classic conservative, McEnany exemplified courtesy towards Psaki while highlighting the differences in approach that she took as the White House Press Secretary for Trump.

“I wish Jen Psaki all the best, it is a very hard job but that being said, we took great pains in our administration to do hours and hours of research beforehand, days sometimes …

I always knew where my boss stood. Unlike other press secretaries who maybe didn’t have walk-in privileges, I could walk in at any time … I always knew where his head was at, so I didn’t have to a ton of circling back because President Trump gave a lot of access to me.” [Source: Fox News]

In other words, McEnany did her research, communicated with her boss, and presented a clear, coherent picture to the American public, much to the hatred of fake news media. Even more to the hatred of fake news media, McEnany was capable of firing right back at them, oftentimes making them look rather incompetent, which of course put McEnany in their crosshairs more than once.

Which of course McEnany survived, bursting forward more strongly than ever. So strongly that she called out Biden’s administration for exactly what it is: Total invisibility and absence of transparency.

“It’s exactly like the campaign. That was his strategy all along … Hide in the basement, don’t talk to the American people.” [Source: Fox News]

Very true point. After all, one has to give Biden credit for relative “consistency”; first, he hid in the basement for nearly the entirety of his campaign. Now, he’s hiding who knows where in the White House; the main times he is really seen occur when he is signing yet another executive order, the contents of which even Biden himself is likely not familiar with.

In strong contrast to President Trump, as also noted by McEnany.

“[President Trump] gave transparency. He was always willing to take questions, always willing to go to the podium, always willing to stop on his way to the helicopter. Transparency is what he offered, and Joe Biden vowed transparency. Now he’s set a 100-year record for not going to the podium.” [Source: Fox News]

Well, that’s one way to set records. Too bad that type of record-setting is not exactly the inspirational boost of confidence hardworking Americans needed, never mind any remote attempt at “unity,” which went out of the window on Day 1.

Which McEnany also brilliantly highlighted in her searing commentary on the fake news media-proclaimed “great uniter” Biden.

“Simply giving freedoms causes Joe Biden – the great uniter – to call us Neanderthals among other words that his predecessor Hillary Clinton did as well … you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables … Right? They’re racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic – Islamophobic – you name it.” [Source: Fox News]

McEnany is absolutely right. “Neanderthals” and “Deplorables” do have a certain ring to them. A ring that sounds almost as if conservatives are not being considered humans, more so sub-humans that cannot even be dealt with.

And, since you have most of the fake news media calling for “re-education” of Trump supporters, not to mention celebrities openly calling for the death of Trump and his supporters, one would think that Biden would be especially concerned with reaching out to conservatives to make them feel safer …

But he hasn’t.

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