Media Takes Aim At First And Second Amendments

During a recent episode of ABC’s “The View,” Joy Behar informed her co-hosts that the Constitution, specifically the First and Second Amendments, needs to be “tweaked” in light of Twitter and other “weapons of war.”

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg commented directly on people’s usage of Twitter, arguing that they are just “going to go the easy route,” which is why people should simply refuse to take the alleged bait from various personalities on the social media platform.

“Don’t read it because it is meant to do exactly what it does to people,” Goldberg brayed, adding that Twitter commentary “is meant to make you think you don’t know yourself.”

Goldberg continued to harangue various Twitter users, sarcastically remarking that the main skill they demonstrate is “concrete courage in the bunker.”

Another co-host, Sara Haines, also chimed in after Goldberg’s “bunker” commentary, snidely remarking, “keyboard courage in mama’s basement.”

After the snarky remarks, Goldberg attempted to make the conversation more serious by addressing “the real question.”

“Why do you we take your word for something you don’t know anything about, me?” Goldberg demanded.

The co-host continued to ramble on, questioning why individuals take the “word” of others on Twitter, especially when Twitter commentators often do not even personally know the people they are criticizing.

At this point in the dialogue, Behar chimed in, taking direct aim at the First and Second Amendments of the Constitution. After praising “smart” Goldberg for “not reading” much of the commentary on Twitter, Behar shifted her attention to the Founding Fathers.

According to Behar, while the Founding Fathers “were busy with the amendments,” they did not have to grapple with an array of issues present in the nation today, including Twitter, AR-15s, and other “weapons of war.”

“So both [the First and the Second Amendments] … need to be tweaked a little bit,” Behar stated.

Behar continued on to remark that she and the other “View” co-hosts make their “living” from the First Amendment, and that they supposedly “love it.”

“But there’s a lot of hate speech and information,” Behar whined, “[so that] needs to be dealt with.”