Meet America’s Next President

…and it’s not even close!

Former President Donald Trump won a landslide victory in the Conservative Political Action Conference straw poll, which was announce as the event concluded.

Two questions were asked of the CPAC attendees by the event pollsters:

1. Who would you support in a 2024 presidential bid if Donald Trump runs?


2. Who is your top choice if Donald Trump does not run?

The results are not as shocking as they are reaffirming of the current trajectory of the Republican Party.

The straw poll found that 70% of CPAC voters would back the Former President in 2024 if he were to run again. Coming in second was Republican Governor of Florida Ron DeSantis at 21% of the straw poll vote.

The results of the second question aren’t entirely shocking either, but again, a nice departure from the RINO Republicanism of party’s past.

The overwhelming choice if the Former President decides not to run in 2024 was Gov. DeSantis, earning 68% of the vote. Trump’s Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo came in second with 5% of the vote, and Donald Trump Jr. at 4% of the vote.

Compared to the previous CPAC poll, which occurred in late February in Orlando, both Trump and DeSantis have gained major ground with voters. Trump jumped nearly almost 20 percentage points since conservatives attendees were asked the same two questions. In Orlando, Trump earned 55% of the vote with DeSantis garnering 21% support from CPAC-goers. With Trump out of the race as a potential candidate, DeSantis received 43% of the vote in his home state.

Trump’s approval rating could not be ignored — 98% of Republican voters gave his job performance a thumb’s up. While 88% strongly approve, 10% said they somewhat approved. Conversely, Joe Biden received a 97% disapproval rating.

On the issues currently plaguing the nation, CPAC voters were most concerned with election integrity, voter ID, their Constitutional rights, and the US-Mexico border/immigration.

Author: Asa McCue