Meghan McCain No Longer “Recognizes” Biden

Meghan McCain recently announced that she no longer recognizes Joe Biden, who she had previously counted as a long-term family friend. McCain asserts that the absence of recognition follows Biden’s speech regarding the United States’ withdrawal from Afghanistan.

McCain, who served as a former co-host on The View, strongly criticized Biden for his address to the nation, wherein Biden touted the mission in Afghanistan as an “extraordinary success.” In addition, Biden cast any blame that was available upon Donald Trump, in spite of the fact that significant culpability lies with the current presidential administration.

On Twitter, McCain wrote that 13 U.S. soldiers are now deceased, many of them between the ages of 20 and 23 since they had been “put in harms way chaotically in the line of fire of a suicide bomber,” adding that she is both “disgusted” and “disappointed” that Biden claimed that the Afghanistan withdrawal could not have happened “in a more orderly manner.” Given the catastrophe that ensued in Kabul, a more “orderly” transition clearly could have taken place.

McCain also observes that the Biden who had worked alongside her father, John McCain, is not the same Biden that she now observes speaking to the American public.

McCain claimed that she once believed that she truly did know Biden, and she also added that Biden helped her significantly through “pain and grief,” which she remains “grateful” for. However, it is “extremely difficult” for her to admit the truth, which is that the man on TV giving this speech,” in reference to Biden, is no longer someone that she is able to “recognize.”

Ever since the United States’ hasty exit from Afghanistan, McCain has observed that Biden appears highly unfit to lead. She also added that he comes across as “Jimmy Carter on acid.”

“Gold help the Americans we have abandoned,” McCain noted, while also adding, “God help our country.”