Michelle Betrays Barack In Bombshell Interview

Michelle Obama, the former first lady, recently made a joke regarding her husband during an appearance on NBC’s “The Kelly Clarkson Show,” namely that she was becoming “tired” of him during the pandemic lockdown.

The context for Michelle Obama’s comment occurred when Kelly Clarkson detailed Jill Biden’s post-lockdown plans, which included obtaining fries and a martini. Consequently, Clarkson was interested in Michelle’s post-lockdown plants, given that Michelle has purportedly spent significant time knitting during the pandemic.

Michelle indicated that she would like to remind Jill of the numerous martinis and fries available at the White House, adding that “they got it all there.” At the same time, Michelle also acknowledged that Jill most likely prefers the martinis and fries at a restaurant, noting that she’s “in that same place, too.”

Michelle continued onward to note that she was eager “to get back out into the world,” and take part in various activities, such as restaurants, concerts, and Broadway shows. She also indicated a strong desire to interact with other people, noting, “I’m tired of my husband.”

Michelle added that she has already heard virtually “everything he has to say,” and while she admits that Barack’s statements are “fascinating,” she really needs “some other energy.”

Clarkson responded affirmatively, noting that she herself was primarily interested in dining out with friends, primarily to enjoy good wine and good company.

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