Migrants Enjoy Road To Washington

As of April 26, approximately 200 migrant have been transported from the U.S.-Mexico border to the nation’s capital as part of Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s plan.

The New York Times reports that all migrants came to the nation’s capital voluntarily, and they represent a minute percentage of the multiple thousands of individuals crossing into the United States from Mexico on a near-daily basis.

Earlier in April, Abbott declared that he would start directing the Texas Division of Emergency Management to start transporting various migrants released from federal custody into the state of Texas to Washington, D.C. and varied other locations outside of the beleaguered Lone Star State.

On April 13, the first bus of migrants arrived in the heart of the nation’s capital, with more along the way.

Abbott’s intention is to raise awareness of the White House’s epically inept immigration policy, as evidenced by record levels of border crossings that commenced shortly after the Harris-Biden administration took office in January 2021.

Consequently, Abbott decided to start busing migrants streaming into Texas to varied cities in other states, especially since the White House has continued to threaten ending Title 42 deportations by May 23.

Recently, however, a Trump-appointed federal judge in Louisiana blocked the Biden administration’s intentions to rescind Title 42 protections for the border, arguing that the White House does not yet have the requisite authority to eliminate the protections without a substantive plan in place to address the chaos widely anticipated to follow.

Migrants have expressed gratitude for Abbott’s transportation services, noting that they were “very thankful” in remarks to the Times.

Even some progressives have praised Governor Abbott’s plan, claiming that it aligns with the White House’s desire to collaborate with various local and state governments to address the immigration crisis.

“In a way, it’s actually perfect,” Bilal Askaryar, who serves as a spokesman for Welcome With Dignity, informed the Times.

“Unintentionally, Gov. Abbott sent them to one of the best places in the nation to welcome people,” Askaryar added.

United States Customs and Border Protection reveals that 221,303 migrants had been encountered at the border in March, which is the highest monthly record in more than two decades.