Moderate Dems Destroy Election Takeover Plot

Republicans across the nation can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Senators Manchin and Sinema literally stood their ground against Democrats intent on destroying the filibuster.

In spite of the Biden administration’s open disparagement of Democrats who dared to be moderate, it appears that Biden’s bullying merely served to reinforce both Manchin and Sinema’s opposition to leftists’ “nuclear option.”

The deployment of such an option would effectively lead a federal takeover of elections, spearheaded entirely by Democrats who already “won” an astonishingly high 82 million votes for a presidential candidate that almost never left his basement.

But don’t worry, he was going to “shut down” COVID if elected. Everyone knows how that promise went …

Luckily, not all Democrats abandon their promises (or their principles), which is especially evident in Manchin’s more recent commentary, which clearly reaffirms a rather obvious resistance to merely falling along with the party line.

Especially when the party line shifts abruptly to the left.

“For the last year,” Manchin recalled, “my Democratic colleagues have taken to the Senate floor, cable news airwaves, pages of newspapers across the country, and to argue that repealing the filibuster is restoring the vision the founding fathers intended for this deliberate body. My friends, that is simply not true. It’s not true.”

Thank you, Senator Manchin, for telling the actual truth. After all, the Democrats count on a population that is largely illiterate in terms of matters of civics, and it’s likely that AOC fans don’t even know what the filibuster is considering they appear breathtakingly unaware of the Constitution, not to mention the Declaration of Independence.

One thing is for sure: Independence under the founding fathers is a whole lot different than “independence” under Biden today.

However, to distract from the Biden administration’s perpetual failures, or, at minimum, misfires, Democrats have decided to rant on and on about a “nuclear option” instead to overcome the big, bad Republicans.

Too bad moderate Democrats with a conscience feel otherwise.

“[My Democrat colleagues] would use the nuclear option to override a rule that we have used ourselves, but now seem to find unacceptable,” Manchin added.

The perpetually recalcitrant Chuck Schumer predictably overpromised and dramatically underdelivered with regards to the filibuster, all but claiming he just might singlehandedly abolish the filibuster through his apparently remarkable powers of persuasion, not to mention ability to subvert the Senate law as it presently stands.

Even more humorously, if Schumer is so anti-filibuster, it’s quite remarkable that he’s making ample use of the filibuster himself right now … to oppose a bill by Senator Ted Cruz of Texas.

So, publicly, Schumer is proclaiming just about every remotely vile thing one can think of regarding the filibuster, he is privately using the exact same filibuster to counter Cruz.

Even more disturbing?

Cruz’s bill pertains to sanctions on Russia, particularly given the rather aggressive stance Putin has taken against Ukraine ever since bumbling Biden ascended to his social media-appointed throne in the White House.

And while all the snowflakes in Silicon Valley can congratulate themselves on a masterful manipulation of Americans regarding virtually any form of reality, which is all too logical given Facebook’s present push for an effective VR (virtual reality) existence, they can also take comfort in the fact knowing that their self-righteous woke-ism continues to exacerbate the suffering of the countless people across the planet.

In no small part because the same tech companies provide the technology services to authoritarian governments to track, monitor, and otherwise terrorize their citizens.

Kind of like the Biden administration’s so-called FBI is doing now against “domestic terrorism.”

In fact, the Biden administration’s fixation on conservative Americans, particularly at the expense of effectively ignoring glaringly obvious threats from both Russia and China, brings to mind more than one question.

Especially in the context of the sudden withdrawal from resource-rich Afghanistan, leaving it open not only to the Taliban, but other foreign interests.

Regardless, Schumer’s banging on about the filibuster in public grossly belies his stance in private, and then he continues to wonder why the bill won’t pass?

But please, by all means, continue using the filibuster to help Putin … which is exactly what Schumer did.

Author: Jane Jones