Mugger Messes With The Wrong Marine

Recently, a mugger messed with the wrong Marine after attempting to hold up a convenience store.

In Arizona, a gun-wielding, underaged criminal attempted to rob a gas station at gunpoint, though a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps disarmed the juvenile with just one arm, as revealed in security video footage.

According to the Yuma County Sheriff’s Office, the incident occurred inside a Chevron gas station at approximately 4:30 a.m., when the area was largely devoid of other customers.

Yuma County also released footage taken from the store’s surveillance cameras, which revealed three different suspects entering the Chevron gas station. One of the suspects was brazenly brandishing a handgun.

The 8-second video clip reveals the armed suspect walking up next to a solo store customer while pointing the gun at the cashier. However, the Marine present acts near immediately, lunging towards the suspect and seizing him in order to disarm him.

According to the Deputies, the Marine Corps veteran easily disarmed the suspect with one arm, and he also physically detained him until law enforcement officers could arrive. The suspect’s associates are seen stumbling out of the Chevon in fear after the Marine handily disarms the ultimately inept criminal.

When deputies inquired how the customer had been able to take control of the dangerous situation, he merely replied that his background in the Marine Corp “taught [him] not to [screw] around.”

Thus far, no injuries have been reported, and authorities have declined to release the name of the Marine veteran.

The underaged armed criminal has been subsequently booked into the Juvenile Justice Center of Yuma County, where he faces one count of aggravated assault and one count of armed robbery.

In addition, deputies are currently pursuing the other two suspects, who fled the scene in terror after realizing they stood zero chance against the vastly more powerful Marine.