Nation‌ ‌Stunned‌ ‌After‌ ‌Kenosha‌ ‌Court‌ ‌Decision‌ ‌

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Cue the riots.

Before election fraud engulfed the nation, one of the more controversial shootings occurred in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and the controversy was greatly aggravated by the fake news media fanning the flames of the fires of unrest.

Though Jacob Blake had been armed and resistant, the officers were crucified in the fake news media anyway, and the subsequent outcome of the investigation, which did show Blake’s culpability, was largely ignored in the press. However, the courts, as in what constitutes the judicial system in the United States (for now, until leftists destroy it), did not ignore the outcome of the investigations.

On the contrary, the courts carefully reviewed the evidence and just declined to press charges against any of the officers.

Needless to say, BLM, Antifa, and other anti-American, pro-criminal groups will not be very pleased to hear about this.

One can only imagine how the Vice-President “Elect” Kamala Harris may respond to this one, given the rather unprecedented actions she took in the immediate wake of the shooting.

Just a few months back, Kamala Harris felt it was necessary to travel all the way to Jacob Blake, sit beside him, and inform him that she’s “proud” of him. She also lavished praise upon his family, as if they had suffered egregious harm from the police for daring to perform their jobs.

“I mean they’re an incredible family and what they’ve endured and they do it with such dignity and grace. And you know, they’re carrying the weight of a lot of voices on their shoulders.” [Source: Fox News]

Way to stand by police officers, Kamala. As if they don’t have quite a bit on their own shoulders, including nearly the entirety of fake news judging them before they can even get to court.

On his part, Biden demanded “an immediate, full and transparent investigation and the officers must be held accountable.”

Notice how Biden said nothing about the suspected criminal being held accountable. Apparently, accountability is a one-sided affair for ultra-leftists.

Nonetheless, Kamala and Biden, along with the rest of the leftist media, immediately jumped on the “blame the police” train that seems to have swept across the media and entertainment.

Of course, subsequent investigations revealed that Blake had in fact been armed, he had been warned several times to drop his weapon, and he was ultimately shot after failing to comply with the police’s repeated requests.

Nonetheless, subsequent investigations take time and the fake news media prefers to instantly crucify and cancel someone or something before listening to any form of reason.

And Ms. Kamala preferred to instantly travel for a woke photo op rather than wait around for the truth, as the truth fails to interest militants intent on destroying the United States. Meanwhile, Biden made his weak appeal from the basement.

The decision to not charge the officers will, however, just might throw the nation right back to where it was months before the election: total chaos and anarchy.

Before the sham of an election in November, one of the most dominant issues facing the United States was one of the many monstrous machinations of the left: major urban centers across the nation being terrorized night after night by mobs looting, robbing, and causing havoc, all in the name of various false monikers such as “justice” and “progress.”

The violence was exacerbated by the fact that both Biden and Harris, along with other stalwart leftists like Obama and his doppelganger wife, openly sided with BLM over law and order. Even when countless officers were attacked, with some even killed, the Democrats continued to openly support the riots while the fake news media defined the entirely criminal activities as “peaceful protests.”

The fake news media not only failed to report the truth about the protests, but it also failed to report the truth about the investigation outcome, which was another indirect means of deliberately inflaming tensions.

Given that Biden is presumably taking office in just a couple of weeks’ time, one can only wonder how long BLM will wait before demanding its pound of flesh from Kamala and Biden, given that the group wants “something for their vote.”

One can only wonder what that something may possibly be, but it surely isn’t something that would appeal to law-abiding citizens that prefer their liberty with as minimal government interference as possible.

Hopefully, riots will not begin to engulf the nation once more, though this hope is admittedly slim after Kamala waxed poetically about the “brilliance” of BLM.

Wonder how long it took for that “brilliance” to wear off once she pandered to them enough for votes.

Time will tell …

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