NBA Astonishes The Nation By Promoting Cop Killers

In recent days, the BLM movement has proven itself to be a racist, violent ideology that is unwilling to compromise and eager to kill. A young mother was tragically killed in the Midwest merely for stating, “all lives matter.” Several cops have been deliberately targeted and killed, while violent crime, including a sky high murder rate, has destroyed cities across the United States, rendering several urban areas virtually inhabitable.

This makes major sports leagues’ open support of the BLM movement, with no reservations whatsoever, extremely concerning.

The NFL has rightfully caught heat for supporting the madness and turning a below-average player, Colin Kaepernick, into a global superstar. Since Kaepernick excels at literally nothing but hating America, it is a sad time indeed when he becomes richer from hatred than he ever would have in the NFL. Even worse, NFL players who respect the flag have been called out and demonized for daring to love the greatest nation this world has ever seen.

What has the NBA’s response to this madness been? First, the league agreed to paint the BLM moniker across its basketball courts, which automatically shows support for a violent criminal ideology that has zero qualms about killing innocent people. This decision was made as cities across the United States were burned and innumerable businesses, including several black-owned businesses, were destroyed.

However, this self-promotional, yet highly dangerous, publicity stunt has nothing on the latest horrifying revelation from national sports leagues’ support of violent criminal ideology.

The NBA has gone way beyond just painting BLM on its major basketball courts, an action that in and of itself is highly incendiary. Throwing even more fuel on a highly volatile fire, the NBA now allows especially hateful BLM supporters to emblazon their hatred across an official NBA jersey.

As seen in the image below, individuals of all ages and sizes are free to choose their own number and very own hateful slogan of police officers, even the profanity-laden “F**kPolice” message.

Of course, players also now have the right to replace their last name with “social justice” messages. Imagine an entire court filled with opposing players all wearing the same message: “F**k the Police.” Also imagine explaining to starstruck children why professional basketball players think it is entirely acceptable to promote killing police … and to be able to do so on the job.

Bartenders used to be instructed to avoid any discussions regarding politics given the potential upset in a public forum. Now the entire NBA is allowing these hate-filled players a global platform for airing their rage against the system that made them filthy rich in the first place.

The NBA’s jersey decision is all the more horrifying considering the one message it did block: “FreeHongKong.” When attempting to personalize a jersey with this message, the NBA website abruptly informs customers: “We are unable to customize this item with the text you have entered. Please try a different entry.”

In other words, it is completely acceptable to threaten the police, but it is totally unacceptable to demand liberty for an autonomous entity that is steadily losing all of its rights and freedoms while the world essentially sits back and watches.

The refusal to allow this name is not surprising given the insidious influence of Chinese investment into the NBA. Over the years, sports leagues around the world have become more and more beholden to Chinese interests, and they are oftentimes encouraged to overlook serious human rights abuses in exchange for massive cash infusions from Chinese entities.

However, the NBA’s latest stunt is truly terrible and blatantly biased. As noted in The Daily Caller,

“What the hell is commissioner Adam Silver thinking? Do the Chinese own the NBA to the point to where they can now dictate what goes on jerseys? We all know the NBA bows down to the Chinese at every turn, but this is next-level insanity.” [Source: The Daily Caller]

It is a truly dangerous time when American police are dehumanized and Chinese authoritarian interests are protected by the NBA.

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