NBA Celebrates Chinese New Year, See Why …

Within just two days, the Dallas Mavericks tried to cancel the pregame singing of the Star-Spangled Banner, while the NBA also simultaneously celebrated Chinese New Year.

A recent report from The Athletic detailed how Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, ordered his team to cease playing the national anthem.

Interestingly, the NBA overruled Cuban on Wednesday, and the league issued statements that mandate every team to play the anthem. At the same time, the NBA also decided to honor its “largest fan base”, namely in the form of celebrating Chinese New Year across multiple stadiums throughout the league.

A tweet, which had been sent to Clay Travis of Outkick, revealed the extent of the NBA’s tribute to the communist nation.

In addition, the Brooklyn Nets also provided a grand celebration for China’s Lunar New Year, namely through welcoming Hou Minghao, a Chinese actor, to service as the Lunar New Year Ambassador for the Brooklyn Nets.

The NBA Communications team also issues a formal release that identified the new year festivities across China as an opportunity for the NBA continue to “pay tribute” to its largest fanbase.

Furthermore, the NBA also announced that various teams will begin wearing uniforms that “pay tribute to Chinese culture,” including “Chinese New Year uniforms,” over the next several weeks.

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