NBA Player Goes To Bat For Rittenhouse

A former NBA star recently went to bat for Kyle Rittenhouse after the trial verdict, proclaiming that various critics are simply getting paid for “talking about how racist it is.”

Kwame Brown, 39, openly defended Rittenhouse, arguing that he was clearly engaging in self-defense. Rittenhouse was recently acquitted of all five charges pertaining to the shooting of two rioters and the wounding of a third, which occurred in the aftermath of Jacob Blake’s police shooting.

“That — to me, in my opinion — looked like self-defense,” Brown continued, adding that the courts also determined that Rittenhouse’s actions constituted self-defense.

Brown also continued onward to discuss how Rittenhouse was unjustly jailed for an extended period of time due to making an incident “political that shouldn’t have been political.”

“If you’re going to give the boy a gun charge, give him the damn gun charge,” Brown declared, adding “or let the boy out.”

The maximum charges Rittenhouse should have received include a misdemeanor, or potentially probation, according to Brown.

“He could have been home eating Fruit Loops or whatever the hell he eats,” Brown continued, had Rittenhouse not been held in jail.

The former NBA player also noted that critics simply wanted to racialize the trial instead of viewing it objectively, particularly since none of the participants had been minorities.

However, instead of objectivity, critics were insistent upon relating the trial “to something black,” Brown continued, adding that critics wanted to make the trial “bigger” for people to start marching and “[getting] checks off a little teenager’s back.”

“That, to me, is corny,” Brown declared, “everything ain’t political, OK?”

Brown also took aim at various lawyers, advocates, activists, and journalists, who he claims are benefitting handsomely from telling various individuals of color how “bad” the quality of their life is.

“A bunch of people are getting paid to push this racist s—,” Brown stated, noting that none of them had anything substantive to say.

“The only thing they get paid off is talking about how racist it is,” Brown continued.

Brown even targeted some of the most public advocates directly, including Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Roland Martin.

Noting that all three generally “[ride] in style” with private security in black Escalades, “living good and pimpin,'” Brown demanded to know how life is “so bad” for the civil rights advocates.

“Tell me how to get some of them black Escalade securities,” Brown remarked wryly.