Neil Young Starts New War With Spotify

Famed musician Neil Young has been involved in an ongoing battle with Spotify over Joe Rogan’s podcasts, which he alleges are laden with COVID misinformation.

Recently, Young waged a new war with Spotify CEO Daniel Ek, chiefly by urging employees at Spotify to quit the company due to its refusal to remove Joe Rogan’s podcasts from the platform. Young claims that “The Joe Rogan Experience” spreads COVID “misinformation,” which is precisely why Spotify employees should consider other employment, according to the wealthy music superstar.

“I say Daniel Ek is your big problem, not Joe Rogan” Young brayed in his remarks to employees at Spotify.

Young proceeded to offer a basic definition of a CEO, chiefly by asserting Ek “pulls the strings.”

“Get out of that place before it eats up your soul,” Young shrieked, adding that Ek’s “only goals” pertain to numbers, rather than “creativity” and “art.”

“You must be able to find a better place than SPOTIFY to [serve as] the home of your art,” Young continued melodramatically on his official website.

In January, Young delivered an ultimatum to Spotify: Either his music would be removed, or Joe Rogan’s podcasts would be removed. Spotify refused to be intimidated by the woke musician and declined to remove Rogan’s podcasts.

In response, Young furiously took down his music from the platform after Ek refused to censor or take other adverse action against Rogan. Other woke musicians have since followed Young’s lead, including Joni Mitchell.

Various public health officials have also pressured Spotify to take aggressive action against Rogan, as evidenced by an open letter issued in the past month.

In the letter, the health officials accuse Rogan of an array of different offenses regarding the COVID pandemic, claiming that the popular podcaster demonstrates “a concerning history of broadcasting misinformation,” in particular “[misinformation] regarding the COVID-19 pandemic.”