New Democrat Senator Facing Investigation

It’s about time that real news was finally delivered on the state of Georgia, which inexplicably turned blue from both the presidency and the Senate runoffs. Georgia, if you might recall, astonishingly turned blue during the presidential election, and the Senate runoffs, which just happened to determine future control of the Senate, also both ended up blue.

A very interesting dynamic, especially since Florida, which tends to vacillate far more between different parties, remained firmly red for Trump.

As infuriating as the likelihood of election interference was, some justice has been reached recently, at least in the sense that newly elected Senator Warnock is now under formal investigation, in part due to his association with Stacy Abrams’ “The New Georgia Project.” That project is now unsurprisingly accused of delivering nearly 1,300 voter registration applications to Gwinnett County, which occurred after the 10-day deadline set by the state.

In addition, Ms. Abrams’ group has come under fire for other reasons as well, including the fact that it endured various liens for failing to pay unemployment taxes for three different quarters, which occurred under the leadership of, you guessed it, Mr. Raphael Warnock.

However, According to New Georgia Project CEO Nse Ufot, any investigation into Mr. Warnock is apparently just because of, you guessed it: Trump. Apparently everyone else’s poor decisions somehow magically come under the domain of “Trump’s Fault.”

According to Mr. Ufot, the investigation into Mr. Warnock is little more than a “partisan hack” that originates from Trump, as he supposedly influenced Raffensperger to look into election fraud (imagine that). Mr. Ufot then proceeded to criticize Raffensperger for examining fraud allegations, as if such an investigation were the worst would be in the world.

“Instead of pushing back against that disinformation, he decided to turn on voting rights organizations and dedicate press conferences and resources to casting aspersions on groups like ours … There isn’t anything to it. It’s designed to impugn our reputation and frame the awesome work that we’re doing to expand Georgia’s electorate as something nefarious and illegal, and it’s not.” [Source: News Max]

“There isn’t anything to it.” Of course. Then again, we all know that Democrats treat basic things like law and order quite a bit differently than most Republicans, to put it mildly.

The standard Democrat line. Completely subvert the voting process and collect multiple millions of mail-in ballots from questionable origins. Not to mention Stacy Abrams’ rather nefarious voter registration process, which also took place in Georgia.

After a bitter, contested lost for Georgia’s governor seat in 2018, which Ms. Abrams herself through quite the public fit over, it did not take long for her to start mobilizing the vote across the state, targeting some of the youngest and most likely to have limited understanding of the electoral process, not to mention civics as a whole

Sure enough, young students often defended Abrams’ activities, which have come under serious fire, and it is no surprise that most of Abrams’ supporters are very young people who likely never learn about civics in school anymore.

After all, they offer up political gems such as, “I think young voters understand that if we don’t decide for ourselves, someone else will decide for us.”

What revolutionary insight. Let me guess, that’s considered senior-level reflection in colleges these days.

Furthermore, it is highly ironic that after the presidential elections and Senate runoffs, Georgia is suddenly rethinking its “signature only” approach to absentee ballots.

According to Gabriel Sterling, the Chief Operating Officer of the state’s office, people’s “faith” in Georgia’s voting system may be eroded with signatures only used as verification.

“Other states do driver’s license, state ID or Social Security number as a specific identifier that is binary, as opposed to having a signature match, which can be viewed as subjective and kind of undermines people’s faith in the system to a degree.” [Source: AJC]

You don’t say. Who wouldn’t think that an actual ID would provide greater relief to voters already cagey about Georgia’s questionable system? Moreover, exactly why were these suggestions not floated by the presidential election, not to mention the Senate runoffs?

After all, one of the “victors” in the Senate runoffs is Mr. Warnock himself, who has unsurprisingly attracted his voter controversy scandal, after just a few weeks in office.

Moreover, this is hardly the first time that Abrams and Warnock have landed in hot water, which Raffensperger directly addresses in December.

“I have issued clear warnings several times to groups and individuals working to undermine the integrity of elections in Georgia through false and fraudulent registrations … The security of Georgia’s elections is of the utmost importance.” [Source: Fox News]

Agreed, Raffensperger. The question now, of course, is why wasn’t there all this extra security during the most consequential presidential (and Senate runoffs) in recent memory?

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