New Polls Foreshadows Massive Red Wave That’s Taking Over The Nation

The results of a recently released poll do not bode well for Democrats in next year’s elections.

According to the data acquired by a Quinnipiac University Poll, Republicans currently leader Democrats on generic ballots for the Senate and House for the 2022 midterms.

A plurality of voters indicated that they would vote for the Republicans to win control of both the Senate and the House if the elections were theoretically held today. Approximately 46 percent indicated that they would like to see Republicans win the House, which contrasts with 38 percent who prefer for the Democrats to maintain control. In terms of the Senate, 46 percent of respondents indicated that they would prefer for Republicans to win, as opposed to 40 percent who support the Democrats’ victory.

Importantly, independent voters also demonstrated a strong preference for Republican victories in both legislative chambers in 2022.

According to Tim Malloy, a Quinnipiac University Polling Analyst, the results reveal “an ominous double whammy for the Democrats with midterms less than a year out.”

Malloy also noted that both the House and Senate “will be up for grabs,” and voters will likely call for the GOP “to win the jump ball.”

However, the poll results were not completely favorable for Republicans, especially since 42 percent of voters would be less likely to vote for Senate or House candidates who strongly embrace the views of Donald Trump, as opposed to 29 percent who would become more likely to vote for that candidate.

Nonetheless, 61 percent of Republican voters indicated that they would be more inclined to vote for candidates who espouse Trump’s beliefs.

Ironically, even though voters want the Republicans to win back control of Congress in the following year, Republicans in the House presently have an even lower rating than Democrats: Whereas House Democrats have a current approval rating of only 31 percent, House Republicans have a current approval rating of only 25 percent.

The poll’s results were also unfavorable for Joe Biden, as only 36 percent of respondents indicated satisfaction with the president’s current job performance. In general, poll respondents are disenchanted with the Biden administration over four major issues: climate change, foreign policy, pandemic responses, and economic issues. Regarding the economy, 68 percent of respondents stated that increasing inflation has resulted in changes to personal spending habits.

Respondents were more generous when asked about whether or not they believe Biden cares about them, as voters were evenly divided on this particular issue. However, only 27 percent of voters asserted that Biden has strong leadership skills.

Nonetheless, respondents indicated support for the infrastructure and social spending bills, with 57 and 58 percent approving relative to 37 and 38 percent disapproving, respectively.

The social spending bill has been particularly controversial, with debates and negotiations between progressives and centrists persisting for multiple months.