New White House Tradition? Biden Turns His Back On Reporters … Again

This week, Biden continued the new and unimproved tradition of turning his back on reporters and striding out of the room. Biden’s behavior persists in spite of the fact that reporters continued to shout questions at his back after he finishes his prepared remarks.

Biden had been speaking from a controversial set across the street from the White House, which was allegedly designed in response to COVID. During his speech, Biden offered his standard “may God protect our troops” commentary to conclude his speech. He then swiftly exited from the podium as reporters shouted, “Mr. President!”, their voices oftentimes overlapping one another’s.

John Roberts, who works as an anchor for Fox News, remarked that Biden merely began “walking away … without taking any questions from the press corp [that was] assembled.”

Not only did Biden turn his back on reporters on Thursday, but he also turned his back on reporters on Wednesday. Wednesday was marred by a host of negative updates regarding the economy, including ongoing woes with the supply chain and inflation.

During the previous week, Biden also walked out on reporters once again, shortly after he delivered remarks on a less than stellar jobs report from September.

Various individuals have noted the newfound presidential trend exhibited by the Biden administration:

Over the past several months, Biden has rapidly developed a reputation for not engaging with reporters. Last month, this refusal was particularly egregious when he refused to call on American reporters during an Oval Office meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, although Johnson took questions from British reporters.

Various White House reporters filed a formal complaint after Biden’s refusal to take questions during the meeting with Johnson.

In addition, Biden also ignored questions regarding Afghanistan in August, after he opened up the floor to questions during an appearance at FEMA’s headquarters.

“I’m not supposed to take any questions, but go ahead,” Biden informed Jennifer Jacobs, a reporter with Bloomberg News.

As Jacobs began to question Biden on Afghanistan, the president quickly retorted that he is not “gonna answer on Afghanistan now.”

Aside from avoiding the press, Biden has also repeatedly suggested that his handlers set rules regarding if, when, or where Biden is allowed to take questions from reporters.