Newsom Faces New Challenge For Governor Seat

The Governor of California, Gavin Newsom (D), has faced increased pushback from both Republicans and Democrats for his blatant hypocrisy regarding COVID restrictions. For instance, while the state was strictly locked down, Newsom enjoyed indoor dining and other violations of his own mandates.

As a result, efforts to recall Newsom have gained serious traction in recent weeks, with John Cox launching a challenge to the sitting Democrat governor if the recall ultimately proves successful. Cox, a California businessman, described the frustrations that Californians had with Newsom’s draconian measures and subsequent hypocrisy.

Cox’s statements were further supported by a poll, which provides an unflattering portrayal of Newsom’s approval ratings in his own state.

According to the LA Times, over a third of the state’s registered voters would vote in favor of recalling Newsom, although 45 percent would oppose a recall. 

The same poll also discovered that only 31 percent of respondents believed that Newsome had done a good or excellent job handling the pandemic, while less than half provided a favorable review of Newsom’s overall performance as governor. 

These poll results mark a serious contrast with perceptions of Newsom in 2018, where he was elected “with a historic margin of victory” over his Republican challenger. 

While Newsom’s ratings have declined dramatically, nearly 70 percent of Democrat voters in California remain opposed to the recall.

The organizers of the recall effort have until March 10 to obtain the required 1.5 million signatures to pursue additional measures against Newsom.

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