NFL Turns On Anti-Vax Players

In a curious turn of events, the ultra-woke NFL has turned on some of its own woke players, notably the players who are hesitant to receive a COVID vaccine. More specifically, the NFL recently proclaimed that it would easily dole out $14,650 fines to any unvaccinated players who violate any element of the NFL’s COVID protocols.

This proclamation comes on the heels of another announcement last week, wherein the NFL informed teams that they would be forced to forfeit football games if outbreaks amongst the unvaccinated were to occur, thereby rendering them unable to play safely.

According to Roger Goodell, the NFL Commissioner, these theoretical situations would result in players from both dueling teams to lose money, per reports from ESPN. Goodell also insists that he “retains the authority to impose additional sanctions,” particularly if a COVID-related outbreak can be “reasonably determined” to result from the “failure [of] club personnel to follow the applicable protocols.”

Currently, the NFL’s protocols for athletes who have refused vaccinations entail several additional nuisances, such as mandatory mask requirements, as well as strict rules governing the types of settings in which NFL players can go, including the number of people permitted to be present at a given event.

Prior to the weekend, it was revealed that approximately 4 out of 5 NFL players have undergone the process of receiving COVID vaccinations; in addition, nine NFL teams report having upwards of 9 out of 10 players seeking opportunities to receive the COVID shots, as reported by the Associated Press.

However, in spite of these statistics, numerous NFL players have also openly expressed concerns over essentially mandatory vaccination requirements, with some even considering whether or not they should retire prematurely from the NFL in order to avoid COVID-related sanctions.

For instance, DeAndre Hopkins, a wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, tweeted that he “never thought [he] would say this,” but being placed “in a position to hurt [his] team because [he doesn’t] want to partake in the vaccine” has resulted in him seriously contemplating whether or not he should leave the NFL.

Hopkins has since deleted his tweet.

Another NFL player, Leonard Fournette, also tweeted against the COVID vaccine, remarking, “vaccine, I can’t do it.” However, similar to Hopkins, Fournette also subsequently deleted his tweet.

Moreover, Ezekiel Elliott, who is the running back for the Dallas Cowboys, noted that he had received the COVID vaccine, though he disagrees with other players being effectively forced into becoming vaccinated.