Nikki Haley Puts Bullseye On Critical Race Theory

Someone else has waded into the current critical race theory (CRT) fray, and that someone is none other than Nikki Haley, one of the most solid individuals out there today.

Haley, who is of Indian descent, takes a serious issue with CRT for good reason, and that reason is that it is designed, at least in part, to begin negatively affecting children from a very, very early age.

Which Haley points out clearly.

“Think about a 5-year-old that starts kindergarten and they don’t know anything about color. If she’s White, you’re telling her she’s bad. If she’s Brown or Black, you’re telling her she will never be enough and she’s always a victim. That’s harmful for the well-being of our children.” [Source: Fox News]

Of course it is beyond harmful for children, and it’s rather ironic that Democrats are pushing such an absurdly abusive theory. What about the “mental health” that Democrats keep insisting is of vital importance to the nation?

Which it is, of course. That’s why the big CRT push is a rather large mystery, unless the Democrats’ insistence on mental health is a sham like too much other nonsense they have pushed.

Haley also recalls being tormented herself due to her background when she was a child, and she also noted that she used the power of resilience to overcome this terrible experience from childhood.

“I remember getting teased when I was younger in rural South Carolina and my mom would say, ‘Your job is to show them how you’re similar and not how you’re different.” [Source: Fox News]

Absolutely. In other words, Haley’s mother taught her resilience, rather than lifelong victimization.

And, as a direct result of her resilience, look where Haley is today: In a highly respected place in society, where she has served as the voice of reason on repeated occasions.

Haley also wants other children to have the opportunity that she has had, and she realizes that CRT comes at a massive expense to the American children and youth in the years to come.

Moreover, CRT is designed to divide, rather than unite, which ironically goes against the “unity” message by the Biden administration delivered on Day 1 (and, apparently, only on Day 1).

Nonetheless, Haley points out the absurdity of dividing up people based on “shades of color,” which in and of itself is quite racist.

“Critical race theory is going to hold back generations of young people. My parents always taught us to focus on what brings us together not sets us apart. America should be united around shared values, not divided by different shades of color.” [Source: Fox News]

Absolutely. Unity before division. United we stand, divided we fall.

Unless, of course, a fall is what the Democrats are really aiming for, which is precisely why Haley issues a direct call of action to various governors. More specifically, she suggests defunding CRT, which is something actually worthy of being defunded.

“Every governor in the country needs to ban funding for critical race theory. Governors can decide this. They decide what money they take from the Department of Education. Don’t take this money …

They don’t need to be told what label they are when they walk in the school. We need to treat kids as the opportunities they’re going to be to fix America, not break them before they start.” [Source: Fox News]

Exactly correct.

Numerous governors have already taken a stand against the virulent influence of CRT, and of course they have been promptly assailed by other leftist governors.

Nonetheless, it will be interesting to see how far the “Defund CRT” program may proceed … especially when parents become more actively involved in local school districts.

Author: Jane Jones