Obama Bullies His Own Guests, See How …

As widely reported in the media, Barack Obama threw a massive birthday bash for himself, though he claimed that the festivities would be scaled back due to the escalating presence of the Delta variant.

However, in spite of the presumably scaled back birthday festivities held on Saturday, multiple guests were still in attendance, taking several photos of their experience. However, Obama, or representatives for Obama, recently the guests to delete their photos from social media platforms, including Instagram.

Some posts originated from Trap Beckham, a rapper, and TJ Chapman, his manager, and these posts featured close-up photos wherein both men are smoking marijuana, though marijuana is legal for recreational use in Massachusetts. They also posted several photos of the cuisine and decorations that were present in the event, which was packed with Hollywood celebrities.

However, all the photos, despite not featuring Obama, had to be deleted due to the photography ban put in place for the event.

Beckham remarking that he deleted all the photos “due to the rules,” though he also added that the festivities were “epic for sure,” especially since “nobody ever seen Obama like this before,” given Obama’s apparent non-stop, mask-less dancing.

Chapman also remarked on the “epic night” of Obama’s birthday bash, believing that no one “gave a damn,” though he now realizes “they did.”

“That’s not cool. That’s not cool,” Chapman added.

In addition, some photos and videos posted featured Obama himself, notably when he was dancing on the stage during his event, as revealed by singer Erykah Badu’s Instagram video. However, Badu was also forced to delete her post.

Moreover, the entire island was affected by Obama’s birthday bash, with local law enforcement referring to the resulting traffic as a “s–t show” on the radio, shortly after Obama’s guests began to depart for the night.

Multiple liberal celebrities were in attendance at Obama’s birthday celebration, including Dwayne Wade, Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Tom Hanks, Bruce Springsteen, Steven Colbert, and Steven Spielberg. Nonetheless, the guest list was supposedly reduced to only family and close friends, given the widespread public backlash against a 700-person event due to the rise of the delta variant.

Numerous guests arrived to the event via private jet.