Ongoing Ballot Audit Reveals Startling Discoveries

Across the state of Arizona, ballot counters are working tirelessly to address a variety of voting irregularities that plagued last year’s election, as well as fighting back against Democrats attempting to squash the audit.

Over the weekend, various forensics experts indicated that they are analyzing multiple thousands of ballots that were cast this past November, which constitutes part of the state’s audit. As part of their analysis, the experts have utilized UV light to seek watermarks and eliminate fake ballots.

Moreover, the auditors have also been divided into several different groups. Some groups are scrutinizing mail-in ballots, whereas other groups are scrutinizing ballot fodders, ballot envelopes, and other related materials.

Various officials associated with the Democrat Party have attempted challenging the audit in the court system while simultaneously manipulating the mainstream media, primarily by having the media undermine various GOP challenges to election security and minimize the true extent of election fraud from the prior year.

Nonetheless, Republicans in Arizona successfully continued the audit after blocking Democrats’ efforts to derail the entire process. For instance, this past Friday Democrats sought a temporary restraining order to prevent the auditors from counting ballots. However, the Democrats abandoned this restraining order once a judge informed them they would pay $1M if they failed in their legal challenge, which permitted the audit to proceed as planned.

Dr. Kelly Ward, the chairperson of the Arizona GOP, remarked favorably upon the victory while providing insight into what constituents can expect. One of the expectations is for the Arizona Supreme Court to make a decision regarding whether or not to halt the Democrats’ attempts to terminate the audit. The justices, however, trust that an audit is a constitutional right, given that it ensures separation of powers alongside integrity of elections.

Dr. Ward has requested for all Americans to continue observing the audit in real-time, as well as to support ongoing efforts to ensure the integrity of future U.S. elections.

In the meantime, Peter Navarro, a significant Trump advisor, has also been looking forward to a similar audit of ballots in Georgia. Navarro indicated that finding fraud in Georgia is just as likely as finding fraud in Arizona with regards to the 2020 election.

Navarro also believes that various election officials turned a blind eye to fraud by ignoring blatant collusion between the Democrat Party and Georgia officials. He also noted that the audit will illuminate clear patterns of systemic fraud that the Democrats harnessed across multiple battleground states last year.