“Operation Lone Star” Optimizes Crackdown On Illegals

Recently, Texas Governor Greg Abbott launched “Operation Lone Star,” an operation intended to crack down on illegal migrants.

Thus far, the state operation has proven to be a success, with a reported 7,744 migrants facing arrests on criminal charges thus far.

The high arrest rate was reported by the the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the Texas Military Department (TMD). The 7,744 arrests can be divided between 6,339 felony charges and 1,300 criminal trespassing charges.

In addition to the 7,744 arrests, “Operation Lone Star” has also resulted in at least 73,031 apprehensions and referrals of illegal migrants, as well as 822 vehicle pursuits.

Earlier in 2021, Abbott requested for the National Guard to assist local law enforcement efforts regarding the arrest of migrants who break laws as the border crisis escalates into new levels of disarray.

“We’re not doing catch and release,” Lt. Chris Olivarez of the DPS proclaimed to Fox News, “we’re doing catch and jail.”

In a tweet earlier this week, Abbott proclaimed that migrants who brazenly commit crimes will not be sent to Border Patrol, where they face a relatively light “catch & release” penalty. Instead, Abbott announced that state authorities will make multiple arrests via #OperationLoneStar, as evidenced by the “thousands of arrests this year.”

Abbott’s tweet was accompanied by a video clip from Fox News, which depicted various law enforcement officials arresting migrants who hid themselves in rail cars.

In addition, Brig. Gen. Monie Ulis, who serves as the Commander for Operation Lone Star, remarked that the state’s National Guard “is surging personnel, equipment, and capabilities to the Texas and Mexico border region” in order to support the state’s efforts to crack down on migrant crime.

“As we build our force, we remain ready to detect, block, and apprehend individuals and groups conducting illegal activity,” Ulis warned.

Many of the crimes migrants have been arrested for are serious in nature. For instance, state officials recently made an arrest in Cameron County, notably after a driver fled on foot after a traffic stop.

The reason for the driver’s fleeing was eventually revealed, as the driver was not only a deported felon, but also an active felon laden with 32 packages of cocaine. Moreover, the driver was also guilty of transporting other illegals across the border.

DPS Director Steven McCraw remarked that efforts remain focused on “the core mission” of “Operation Lone Star” for as long as possible.

Given that officials continue “[to make] numerous arrests and [seize] large quantities of guns and drugs, [it is clear] our presence there is necessary,” McCraw concluded.