Panic Sets In After Bombshell SCOTUS Update Goes Viral

When the White House published photos showing how Trump kept working tirelessly throughout his stay at Walter Reed for the American people, those photographs were no joke (unlike the fake news). On the contrary, Trump was not only working, but he was working on actionable results. And these actionable results were just announced by the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Shortly after Trump was thankfully discharged from Walter Reed Hospital, announcements regarding the official SCOTUS hearings were made: Amy Coney Barrett will officially begin the hearings process on Monday, October 12, with the concluding hearings occurring Thursday, October 15. Just in time for the 2nd Presidential Debate, provided Biden deigns to debate again, that is.

“The Senate Committee on the Judiciary has scheduled a hearing on the nomination of the Honorable Amy Coney Barrett to be an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States to begin Monday, Oct. 12 at 9:00 am & continue through Thursday, Oct. 15,” the committee tweeted Monday, alongside an official statement and calendar item. [Source: The Daily Wire]

What a triumph for Americans! The Supreme Court has raised the concerns of many over the past several years, especially when rabid leftists, rather than constitutionalists, decide to subvert the original objectives of the Justices who serve on the Supreme Court. From Scalia’s sudden departure to the growing number of radicals on the Court (thanks, Obummer.)

Of course, the Democrats have already predictably thrown a fit, insisting the process is not “safe” due to COVID-19 (neither is rioting or looting or gathering en masse to violently attack police officers, but the Democrats are curiously silent on these “peaceful protests”). However, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell brilliantly shut the Democrats down with a simple statement: He intends to use the exact same process promulgated by the Democrats since the spring.

“Since May, the Judiciary Committee has operated flawlessly through a hybrid method that has seen some Senators appear physically at its hearings while other members have participated virtually,” McConnell said in a written statement. “The Committee has utilized this format successfully for many months while protecting the health and safety of all involved. Certainly, all Republican members of the committee will participate in these important hearings.”
[Source: The Daily Wire]

Good for you, McConnell! What a fantastic complement you are to Trump, and what a wonderfully poised counterpoint to the screaming banshees that largely constitute the Democrat Party today (tossup between Pelosi and her increasingly infernal “squad”, not to mention the totally China-dependent morons in dying Hollywood. The demise of Hollywood can’t come soon enough …)

Oh, and let’s not forget the equally absurd Schumer, whose response to the GOP was unsurprisingly short, moronic, and, above all, supremely anti-freedom: “every tool in the toolbox” would be used by the Democrats to stall the hearing process.

How infantile.

Anyway, in many ways, McConnell is following the clear lead and direction of Trump, who does not back down and does not cater to phony media elitists, who dwell within their ivory towers with equally uninformed academics, thereby creating the greatest ideological echo chamber perhaps ever witnessed in the United States.

Trump has proven, over and over again, that when he says something, he means it. From announcing that he would be nominating a female justice with a week, respectfully waiting for the funeral procession of RBG to end, to stating he would have Barrett confirmed before the end of October, Trump is clearly a man of his word, unlike Biden, who is a man of the highest bidder’s word (likewise for his ghastly “running mate,” you know, the one on the “Harris-Biden” ticket).

Democrats are likely even more enraged with the most recent Supreme Court ruling, which scuttled yet another nefarious attempt by the Democrats to steal the election. Democrats also do not stop short of breaking into USPS boxes to also try to steal the election, much in the same way the party’s “followers” choose to break into stores and steal various luxury items. You know, in the name of “reparations.” Didn’t know that stolen Louis Vuitton bags and entire Cheesecake Factory cakes will really help solve the supposed issues they’re demanding to solve, but, in their pathetic “defense,” they really are following their party’s “lead.”

That lead would be straight downhill (or off a cliff), and far away from freedom.

As the election is now four weeks away, it is more critical than ever to ensure every legitimate ballot counts!

Vote for Freedom! – Go to the polls – And Vote For Trump!

Each vote for Trump = A vote for freedom!

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