Parents Revolt Against Public School Takeover

While the United States has long prided itself on its public education, the past year has illustrated that not every student has had educational “equity” (to borrow from Kamala’s frightening list of phrases).

On the contrary, the current debacle going on with public schools has little to do with COVID and everything to do with ultra-powerful teachers unions, coupled with teachers who apparently do not want to to go back to work, though they are just fine with receiving repeated paychecks without teaching.

Instead of offering the type of teaching that is desperately needed for young, growing minds, public schools in all their non-wisdom apparently believe that teaching via Zoom is just as acceptable as teaching in person.

Clearly, these same teachers do not take into account the fact that parents have suffered repeatedly from not being able to send their children to school, given that they work or engage in other activities that are oftentimes undermined by a child’s excessive presence in the home.

On top of the ongoing school closures, which seem to dominate blue states, school boards themselves just landed in seriously hot water with insulting parents. For instance, in a charming school board meeting in California, board members viciously insulted parents and made other nasty remarks … without realizing that the parents could also hear everything they were saying.

Among the real gems?

“It’s really unfortunate they want to pick on us. They want their babysitters back.” [Source: Town Hall]

“Babysitters back?” Seriously? Is that the way you view yourselves? Or is that they way you portray yourselves – you know, sitting somewhere and just watching kids without actually doing anything. No wonder parents are so dissatisfied with public education.

On top of that, the Superintendent himself proposed a new technology that would cut parents off, thereby limiting public commentary; per the Superintendent, “it just cuts them off mid-sentence and it’s over.”

That’s nice. Sounds like nothing but ultimate respect for parents in that particular meeting.

No wonder Americans are sick of public schools. Which is precisely why one parent in Los Angeles is organizing a revolt against the continuation of Zoom “learning.”

Cynthia Rojas, who is a representative for many other parents in the Los Angeles area, is busily organization a Zoom “blackout,” which may finally get the school district’s attention, unless, of course, the district manages to crush the civil resistance into oblivion.

However, parents such as Rojas have absolutely had it, which is quite clear in her commentary regarding the ongoing school closures.

“We don’t have a seat at the table when it comes to the negotiations between LAUSD and UTLA (United Teachers Los Angeles) and so we’ve been trying the standard calling and voicemails, and e-mails, but it’s not working … And so I’m part of a group of just parents who are just really frustrated.” [Source: Fox News]

Sadly, even if Rojas did have a seat at the table, she most likely would be cut off “midsentence,” as suggested by the Superintended above. And likely mocked after she left. Which means that meeting with the Unions and school districts is likely not going to bring about the change she needs to see.

Nonetheless, she, like many other parents, feels extremely saddened by the state of affairs in American education, as well as the continuous lies and changing goal posts, courtesy of the teachers unions.

“And what we’re realizing is they’re not even close to opening … I mean, there is not even a plan between LAUSD and UTLA to open schools. It’s been 11 months. We don’t even have a plan and they keep stringing parents along.” [Source: Fox News]

It seems that virtually everyone is getting strung along under Biden’s domain. No clarity regarding anything, in fact, “miscommunication” more than anything, and certainly no clarity on schools reopening.

In the meantime, it is ordinary parents who suffer, and who are frankly being held hostage by teachers unions that have long since outgrown themselves.

In a city like Los Angeles, schools may well be closed indefinitely, which would certainly explain “stringing parents along.”

One can only hope that children in leftist lands will be able to return to school soon …

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