Parents Score Two Major Victories In Fight Against Liberal Schools

Parents Score Dual Victories Against Schools

Any week in which parents score a victory against schools is a good week, and any week in which parents receive two victories against schools is a great week.

Which is precisely why this week is a great week, in light of developments regarding school libraries and mask mandates.

Courtesy of dedicated parents who attended school board meetings and raised rightful attention towards pornographic material present in school libraries, a local school board in Fredericksburg, Virginia has removed some of the most controversial materials.

According to School Division Superintendent Scott Baker, he had entrusted librarians and other school officials with including appropriate materials in school libraries.

Clearly, Baker should have turned on the national news a few months ago.

Oh wait! The fictional news media refuses to cover anything remotely controversial about its leftist indoctrination centers.

Which is probably why Baker “would have not have thought” such materials could emerge in a school library.

“I would not have thought to do an audit because I have great faith and trust in our librarians … If we find something being missed in a process, then we do refine the process. There was no ill intent here. We don’t have all the information.” [Source: The Blaze]

“We don’t have all the information.” Right.

As far as “refining the process” is concerned, one school board member already spelled out one way in which a process could be “refined.”

“We have to be clear on what is offensive and should not be in our schools and what should be … You can’t do an audit of books without developing screening criteria and you have to have facts in order to do that.” [Source: The Blaze]

Hint, Mr. Branson: Explicitly sexually material is likely considered “offensive” for underaged students by virtually anyone, regardless of political persuasion (one would hope, anyway).

Mr. Branson’s attitudes are precisely why Texas resident Scott Henry ran successfully for his own local school board recently, underscoring what families really want out of America’s public schools.

“A board should be open to the public and responsive to the public’s needs and wants … We’re here for the parents first and foremost.” [Source: The Washington Examiner]

Henry beat incumbent Don Ryan, though that was not terribly surprising given Ryan’s views.

“[The school district needs to] conduct an equity audit that will lead us to develop an equity policy/policies so we can better strive to close the gaps of opportunity and achievement among ethnic groups, races, genders and those of low socioeconomic status and learning differences.” [Source: The Washington Examiner]

Right, because parents really want to hear so much more about critical race theory these days.

They prefer a more simple, unified message, especially when taking Glenn Youngkin’s astonishing, yet highly welcome, victory into account.

“Our message was simple and resonated with the majority of CFISD voters … They wanted a much-needed change, better support for our teachers, respectful family boundaries, a renewed focus on academics, and transparency in our policies.” [Source: The Washington Examiner]

All of the above are welcome changes in public schools, and one can only hope that they are starting to become implemented nationwide.

Speaking of nationwide implementation, the second major victory for parents comes to mind: A number of school districts are now dropping mask mandates for students, which is a major victory for parents everywhere.

For instance, the largest school district in Florida, Miami-Dade County Schools, recently dropped the mask mandate for students, as announced by Superintendent Alberto Carvalho.

“On the basis of current health conditions, which are dramatically improved, effective tomorrow parents can access the parent opt-out form from any elementary or K-8 school in Miami-Dade.” [Source: Fox News]

Another victory for DeSantis, another blow to the non-science approach of the Biden administration.

In addition to Florida, mask mandates have also recently been dropped in Pennsylvania as well as courts steadily strike down authoritarian mandates.

One can only hope that the dual developments this week lead to a domino effect across public schools in the coming weeks …

Author: Jane Jones