Patriots Lash Out After Latest Betrayal Of Trump

Source: USA Today

Well, looks like Ms. Cheney is already facing a reckoning for her rather unwise decision to side with the left over impeaching Trump, citing a “constitutional crisis” at hand.

Oddly, it apparently hasn’t occurred to Ms. Cheney that supporting a totally unprecedented second impeachment (based on virtually nothing) would also constitute a “constitutional crisis”, but it is quite clear from Ms. Cheney’s statements that she is not speaking to a rational audience.

On the contrary, she appears to be bizarrely pandering to the left, especially with her overwrought, highly emotional language. Such as claiming that “there has never been a greater betrayal by a President of the United States.”

What? Was Ms. Cheney asleep for the entirety of the Obama presidency?

Oh wait … she wasn’t, as she was actively criticizing Obama the entire time during his presidency as well. In fact, she co-penned an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal regarding Obama’s rather bloody, ironically anti-progressive foreign policy, where she remarked, “rarely has a U.S. president been so wrong about so much at the expense of so many.”

So, in other words, Obama’s atrocities in the Middle East are “wrong”, but Trump apparently represents the greatest betrayal of all? Right. It’s reasonably safe to say that Ms. Cheney is a full-blown swamp monster in that case.

Which is precisely why calls for her resignation are rapidly escalating, including a petition currently being circulated amongst representatives.

Ohio GOP Representative Jim Jordan asserted that Cheney is “totally wrong”.

Georgia GOP Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene also openly called for Cheney’s resignation, noting that Ms. Cheney is rather out of touch with the multiple millions of Americans who not only embrace Trump, but also consider him one of the greatest presidents in modern American history.

“I’m calling for @RepLizCheney to step down as Chairwoman of the House Republican Conference …

She doesn’t represent Republican voters by supporting this political witch-hunt impeachment of President Trump. She is not connected to the base and is voting for a hurtful lie.” [Source: Breitbart]

Greene calls out both Cheney and Impeachment 2.0 for exactly what they are, and Cheney has clearly long since checked out from the base.

As noted by Nick Nolte, two-thirds of Republican voters are ready and willing to vote for Trump again in 2024, representing (another) reality that upsets the media. On top of that, he also noted that 91 percent of Trump supporters would still back him against Joe Biden, further underscoring Nolte’s rather salient point.

“More proof that all the media can do anymore is whip up its left-wing base. The rest of us are not stupid and are not listening.” [Source: Breitbart]

Exactly. And one can only hope that the left-wing base slowly declines over time. Unless, of course, Biden floods the nation with multiple millions of illegal immigrants, which very well may be one of the Democrats’ (many) sinister plans.

Nonetheless, despite the calls for her resignation and her blatant disconnect from the base, Ms. Cheney insists that she isn’t going anywhere (shocking).

“I’m not going anywhere … This is a vote of conscience. It’s one where there are different views in our conference

But our nation is facing an unprecedented, since the civil war, constitutional crisis … That’s what we need to be focused on. That’s where our efforts and attention need to be.” [Source: Breitbart]

“A vote of conscience.” Wow. Where was her conscience when the Bush administration was forced to admit that it had been dishonest about the real motivations in Iraq? In fact, in his memoir Decision Points, Bush even said he thought about replacing Cheney in his administration, even referring to him as the “Darth Vader of the Administration.”

So, Ms. Cheney didn’t seem to have much of a conscience when literally thousands of American soldiers were being killed over “weapons of mass destruction” that were eventually revealed to be a falsehood, largely perpetuated by her literal partner in crime, Dick (or, as Bush said, “Darth Vader”).

In fact, her illustrious husband proclaimed full confidence in the weapons of mass destruction, literally saying that there was “no doubt” about Hussein “amassing” weapons of mass destruction. Except he wasn’t.

Trump himself reminded Americans about the lie perpetuated by Cheney back in 2016, which is one of the many deleterious falsehoods to emerge from the perpetual swamp of Washington DC.

“They lied … They said there were weapons of mass destruction, there were none. And they knew there were none.” [Source: The Intercept]

Perhaps that’s what really pissed off Ms. Cheney, and for all the American public knows, Trump calling out her and her husband’s lies could be one of the real motivations underlying her rather spiteful political moves now.

After all, for Ms. Cheney, just like a screeching leftist, perhaps nothing is more offensive than the truth.

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