Patriots Propel Illegals Straight To Swamp

If the White House thinks red states are just going to sit here and take the constant influx of illegal aliens, several of whom have rather skeptical backgrounds and even more skeptical COVID status, then the White House better think again.

Especially since conservatives, unlike liberals, actually know how to solve problems and create solutions, rather than play the chaotic game of blame and divide, which has long characterized Democrat tactics.

These tactics are much more obvious now that Democrats currently vacillate between blaming Trump or blaming Putin for everything, with most of the blame ironically resting on Trump.

Heck, Trump has even been blamed for the invasion of Ukraine, in spite of the fact that Putin has invaded under Democrat “leadership” every single time.

Sadly, one could see why he would, given that he knows Democrats, at most, will give him a slap on the wrist for repeatedly crossing a “red line” that Obama ultimately did nothing about.

After all, Obama had more important matters in mind, like bailing out his chosen ones in the banking industry while simultaneously shopping for $20M+ real estate in Martha’s Vineyard for a “vacation home.”

Not even Bernie Sanders, a multimillionaire via duplicitous means himself, got that greedy with real estate.

Of course, labeling anything Obama does as bad will invariably bring about accusations of “racism,” which is precisely why the media never calls out the former president’s destabilization of borders and other destructive practices.

All of which have crystallized under his “third term” in the White House, otherwise known as the Biden presidency.

Needless to say, Republican governors have had it with Democrats’ willful endangerment of the nation, which is precisely why they have vowed to bring the “root causes” directly to the swamp for none other than Border Czar Kamala to deal with the chaos herself.

When she isn’t busy floundering around Europe being even more ineffectual than usual while all her staff members run for the hills.

Or, even better, directly to Delaware, given that Biden spends more time wearing masks on empty beaches than he does in the White House.

Real leadership during a time of crisis, all there for the world to see.

While the White House continues to make a mockery of the United States to the world, Pennsylvania Stat Senator Mario Scavello, of course a Republican, has already drafted legislation for the Biden administration’s woke immigration policies.

“In the very near future, I intend to introduce legislation to address the influx of illegal immigrants being relocated into Pennsylvania,” Scavello announced.


And Scavello knows exactly where such migrants will be set next.

“How many illegal immigrants has the president relocated to his own home state of Delaware?” Scavello inquired, “If it is good enough for Pennsylvania, then why not redirect the relocation to Delaware?”


After all, Biden needs to start catering to the only base his party will have left: illegals and criminals.

Author: Jane Jones