Pelosi Crushed Under The Weight Of Fiery New GOP Lawsuit

Earlier this week, the CDC reversed its position on masks, calling for mask mandates to resume indoors, regardless of whether or not one is vaccinated. Consequently, since the return of this mark mandate, a large number of GOP representatives has started to refuse to follow the mask mandate orders.

In addition, these representatives have also collectively decided to launch a lawsuit against Nancy Pelosi, the current Speaker of the House. Pelosi, a Democrat from California, has instituted the process of levying fines against lawmakers who refuse to abide by mask mandates.

However, over half a dozen Republican legislators have subsequently refused to wear masks on the floor earlier this week, after the CDC passed new guidance. They did so in spite of the threats to levy heavy fines against those who choose to remain unmasked.

Furthermore, in an effort to cease the financial penalties for opting to breathe freely, without obstruction, a group of GOP representatives announced a lawsuit against Pelosi regarding the matter. The legislators argue that the fines instituted by Pelosi constitute a flagrant violation of the 27th Amendment, as this amendment states that members of Congress are not to be subjected to pay decreases or increases during ongoing sessions.

Ralph Normal, a Republican Congressman from South Carolina, announced the lawsuit during a press conference earlier in the week. He labeled Pelosi’s latest mandate a clear abuse of power, adding that the present time is the best time for fighting it.

In addition, Thomas Massie, a Republican Congressman from Kentucky, is another plaintiff in the lawsuit. On his part, Massie proclaims that the GOP lawmakers are fighting against Pelosi not only due to the fines, but also due to the fears regarding new restrictions and mandates that may grip the nation once more.

Currently, representatives who opt to remain unmasked will face three levels of punishment, which center on how frequently they are caught not wearing masks. The first time, they will be issued a warning. The second time, they will be issued a $500 fine. The third time, they will be fined $2,500, as well as an additional $2,500 for each subsequent violation.