Pelosi Opens ‘Truth Commission’ — But It Doesn’t Live Up To Its Name

Nancy Pelosi, the current House Speaker, is apparently open to a congressional committee created for investigating the events of January 6 on Capital Hill. During a recent interview, Pelosi argued that Democrats may set up their own truth commission panel if the GOP does not proceed forward with creating a bipartisan effort.

While Pelosi initially pushed for this project in February, several congressional GOP members pointed out that the very design of the project was partisan from its inception In addition, Pelosi also suggested other potential ideas to reporters this past March.

Pelosi insists upon finding the truth, and that the Democrats will not “[walk] away from that. ” She also continued claiming she would welcome the effort “to be as bipartisan as possible.”

Pelosi pushed for the commission in February, but was shot down by members of the GOP who claimed it would be partisan by design. Furthermore, the House Speaker spoke to reporters in March and floated the idea of other options.

Insisting that the Democrats “have to find the truth” regarding the events of January 6, Pelosi also added that they would prefer for the effort “to be as bipartisan as possible.” However, Pelosi also pointedly stated that the Democrats have other “paths” available if bipartisanship is not an option.

Various critics noted that a serious issue with Pelosi’s proposed panel in February is the fact that it would have had enough seats for seven Democrats, yet only four seats were available for Republicans.