Pence Receives An Honorable Position

Mike Pence has received an honorable position in the Heritage Foundation, which remains one fo the most influential, as well as one of the oldest, conservative think tanks.

On Thursday, Heritage announced that Pence had launched an office, and announcements regarding additional affiliations are anticipated soon. In addition, it is likely that Pence will assist with setting up various political fundraising committees.

Pence expressed his gratitude for being selected as a sitting fellow for the think tank, noting that the Heritage Foundation “is a flagship of the conservative movement,” which is why he is “profoundly honored” to become a distinguished fellow for the organization.

Pence also added that the foundation had”[shaped] his conservative philosophy” over the course of several decades, and it also “played a pivotal role in advancing conservative policies” throughout his tenure with the Trump administration.

Kay C. James, the Heritage President, announced that Pence would be joining Heritage as a distinguished fellow, recognizing that the Heritage Foundation has worked closely with the Trump administration “on a host of policy accomplishments.”

In addition, James also noted that Pence’s unwavering “allegiance to the Constitution,” as well as his commitments “to advancing a conservative policy agenda” justify Pence as an “outstanding” candidate for the Heritage Foundation.

Before serving as Donald J. Trump’s president, Pence also served for a dozen years as a House Rep. for Indiana. Chances are high that Pence may run for President in 2024, and joining Heritage will provide him with a very visible platform for other conservatives. 

In addition to Pence, three other former Trump Administration officials from DHS joined the Heritage Foundation as fellows, including Secretary Chad Wolf. 

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