Pentagon Stuns America With New Military Order

Well, the Pentagon just took a rather startling twist. Then again, given Biden’s rather overzealous use of highly partisan executive orders, it should come as no surprise that one of Biden’s most important appointees has also started engaging in rather startling behavior. Lloyd Austin, the current U.S. Secretary of Defense, has certainly started his position with a bang, starting with looking inward rather than outward.

What exactly might that mean? Well, it means that Mr. Austin would apparently rather scrutinize all the individuals who provide services U.S. Military, rather than prioritizing scrutiny of all the foreign actors that wish to cause harm to the U.S. Military.

More specifically, Lloyd Austin apparently believes the gravest threat facing the United States is … you guessed it, “White Supremacy.” In fact, Austin purportedly believes that “White Supremacy “ is such an imminent threat to the military that he has issued an astonishing “stand down” order … that lasts for two months.

As noted by NBC News, the Pentagon feels “uncertain” about how to deal with presumed “extremism” in its ranks, and apparently standing down randomly over the next 60 days is supposed to be an effective means of combatting this “extremism.”

“The Pentagon on Wednesday said it was still uncertain how to grapple with the problem of extremism in its ranks and announced a military-wide pause to allow troops and commanders a chance to focus on the issue …

Lloyd Austin, the first Black secretary of defense who recently took over at the Pentagon, ordered each branch of the military to stand-down at some point over the next 60 days to discuss the threat posed by white supremacy and similar extremism, said Pentagon press secretary John Kirby.” [Source: The Daily Wire]

So, Biden’s pick takes over at the Pentagon, and his first order of priorities is apparently to play “Hunt the White Supremacist” who may be hiding within military ranks. In addition, the phrase “similar extremism” is a bit too vague for comfort.

After all, consider the following commentary from anti-1st and anti-2nd amendment David Hogg, who never misses a chance to self-aggrandize.

“We have seen one of the most remarkable and truly honestly a horrific change in the Republican Party over the past 30 years … It’s really scary because people used to think they’re mostly a group of good people that truly want what’s best for the country. Yeah, there is a fringe of people that may or may not be white supremacists, but that’s a very small minority of people.” [Source: Breitbart]

Thank you for your public high school-educated opinion, Mr. Hogg. What would America do without the wisdom of the ultimate snowflake?

Even worse, recalling Mr. Austin’s “similar extremism” comment becomes even more sinister. After all, if leftist snowflakes like Hogg are spouting off about the “majority” of Republics being “white supremacists,” exactly where does that leave conversative soldiers within the ranks of the U.S. Military?

What’s Mr. Austin going to do? Expel all military members with affiliation to the GOP? Then again, since Dems aren’t exactly quick to embrace a real fight, he might find himself with almost no soldiers left

So, Mr. Austin’s ultimate priorities appear to be as follows:

Never mind warnings issued about China and Russia (including warnings related to potential nuclear war), never mind Iran becoming ever more emboldened with what they perceive to be Obama 2.0 now in power, and never mind scores of other recent conflicts and unrest that are traversing the globe at the time of this writing.

Apparently, all that matters to the new Secretary of Defense is hunting for any possibly prejudiced Caucasian soldier within their ranks, undoubtedly using inexperienced commentary from leftist brats to guide them along the way.

Something suggests that the United States has more pressing international crises to deal with, but something else suggests that the Democrats are not terribly interested in defending the United States against some of the most dangerous threats it has faced in decades.

After all, Adm. Charles Richard, who heads up US Strategic Command, the entity responsible for nuclear deterrence (aka, someone with a tad more responsibility than Mr. Hogg), has warned about how important it is for the United States to respond aggressively to serious overseas threats, particularly from Russia and China.

“We must actively compete to hold their aggression in check; ceding to their initiatives risks reinforcing their perceptions that the United States is unwilling or unable to respond, which could further embolden them.” [Source: The New York Post]

Meanwhile in the United States, the Pentagon is telling its own military to “stand down” for 60 days. What a gift for foreign enemies! Imagine if the United States had taken such an approach in World War II.

On top of that, the “anti-White extremist” crowd has grown so significantly that Special Forces soldiers have now been ordered to avoid having any “Pepe the Frog” symbols near them or their social media accounts, as they could be potentially perceived as “white supremacy”, which would result in their dismissal from the military.

Again, something suggests nukes from China are a bit more deadly than cartoons associated with conservativism, but we are in “Biden’s America” now, otherwise known as “America Last.”

President Trump remains more dearly missed with each passing day …

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