Peter Doocy Puts Petulant Psaki In Her Place

In the midst of the worst crisis for American allies, finding moments of comic relief is one way to alleviate anxiety, naturally.

Fortunately for Americans, diligent Fox News reporter Peter Doocy has just served up petulant Psaki on a silver platter.

To be fair, Psaki made it all too easy with her absurd, dramatic shifts, which seem to suggest that her allegiances (or scripts) blow whichever way the wind decides to blow.

And, over the course of the Biden administration, what winds have blown, as Psaki has abruptly shifted from blaming former President Trump for everything Biden’s done wrong to blaming current Russian President Vladimir Putin for everything Biden’s done wrong, especially with regards to skyrocketing inflation and dramatically elevated gasoline prices.

A rather egregious shift that Peter Doocy openly called out, especially after Psaki began the latest pre-approved script with regards to how Biden is apparently perfect and everything at all times is always someone else’s fault.

In other words, a card-carrying liberal, or communist, depending on one’s personal views of Psaki’s rather bizarre, out of touch perceptions.

Then again, Psaki is clearly out of touch with the basic passage of time due to her ultra-privileged status, as Doocy delightfully pointed out.

“We just heard you say again that you think inflation is going to be temporary. We’ve heard you say that it was going to be temporary since last spring, so how long do you guys think temporary is?” Doocy queried.

Needless to say, Psaki was prompt to blame none other than Putin for all the economic woes that the United States has endured since Biden was sworn into office, apparently forgetting that Biden had already been in office more than a year before the invasion commenced.

“Well, again, Peter, I think what we do is we rely on the assessments of the Federal Reserve and of outside economic analysts who give an assessment of how long they think it will last,” Psaki began.

“I think what we do.” Wow, what compelling preparation!

About as prepared as Ms. Kamala, who made a buffoon of herself and the entire administration once again, this time by cackling dramatically in response to questions on Ukrainian refugees.

However, Psaki kept on talking, digging herself into a deeper and deeper hole over Putin, not to mention the Biden administration’s apparent allergic reaction to accountability.

“The expectations and their assessment at this point continues to be that it will moderate by the end of the year. There is also no question that when a foreign dictator invades a foreign country and when that foreign dictator is the head of a country that is the third largest supplier of oil in the world, that that is going to have an impact, and it is,” Psaki added pointedly.

Eh, Psaki, how about the entirety of Biden’s presidency?

The war is frankly amplifying the path that Biden deliberately placed the country on as soon as he was sworn into office.

And, for reporters like Doocy, who actually have a brain, such discrepancies can’t go unaccounted for.

“And so to that point, inflation goes up today. The President’s statement blames the ‘Putin Price Hike.’ Are you guys just going to start blaming Putin for everything until the midterms?” Doocy drawled.

Apparently, the Democrats intend to do exactly that, courtesy of Psaki’s rather braindead reply.

“Well, we’ve seen the price of gas go up at least $.75 since President Putin lined up troops on the border of Ukraine,” Psaki whined.

Eh, and the price of gas go up at least $1.50 or more since Biden entered office, but such an observation will not be offered by fact- and truth-repellant Psaki.

Needless to say, Psaki’s deflection effectively answered Doocy’s question, and one can only anticipate nothing but doozies in response to real questions in the future.

One thing is for sure: Psaki could certainly learn a thing or two from Kayleigh McEnany, starting with basic preparation for press conferences.

Author: Jane Jones