Police Fleeing Another Ultra-Liberal City, See Which One It Is …

By Emma Colton August 20, 2020 | Image Source : Washington Examiner

San Francisco police officers are leaving the force in record numbers this year, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

Twenty-three officers have left the department in the first six months of 2020, and 31 officers have retired. In all of 2019, 26 officers resigned, and only 12 officers resigned in 2018, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

“This is just the beginning. Dozens are actively in the hiring process with other agencies,” said Tony Montoya, president of the Police Officers Association.

“The members are upset that the social experiment being conducted in San Francisco is failing, and they would rather work someplace that values them,” Montoya added.

In July, San Francisco Mayor London Breed announced $120 million in police funding would be redirected to initiatives to address issues that face the black community. The announcement followed weeks of protests and riots to end police brutality and racism, sparked by the death of George Floyd.

“Members have gone to places like the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office, Pleasant Hill, Beverly Hills, Petaluma, Palm Springs, Placerville, Long Beach, Idaho, Texas, Arizona,” Montoya said.

The outlet reported that a combination of reasons, such as high California taxes and a criminal justice reform measure, prompted the officers to leave the department.

“It’s also nice working at a place where everyone isn’t mad at you,” an anonymous officer who left San Francisco for Texas said. “In San Francisco, everyone was mad. The homeowners would get mad because you didn’t move the homeless who were sleeping in front of their house. Then, when you tried to help the homeless, someone would start yelling about police brutality.

“And everyone had a cell phone camera on you,” he added.

Author: Emma Colton

Source: Washington Examiner: ‘Just the beginning’: San Francisco police officers leaving department in record numbers

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