Police Unions Grill Fake News—Watch What Happens …

MSNBC, a major media outlet, has faced increased scrutiny after its continued claims that law enforcement officers are to blame for the rising wave of violent crime. Brittany Cunningham, a contributor to MSNBC, claimed that the rise in crime can be blamed on the police, and that the increased crime levels had nothing to do with defunding the police.

However, the leftists’ arguments against the police have slowly started unraveling. After Cunningham’s commentary, Paul Digiacomo, the Detectives Endowment Association President, stated that Cunningham’s commentaries were nonsensical, given that New York had vastly fewer homicides prior to the defunding of the police department.

In addition, Thomas Mungeer, a New York State Trooper, also commented that the real issue with rising crime levels is the fact that police departments have been forced to make cuts after receiving reduced funding. Mungeer also noted that the police face difficulties in executing their jobs on a daily basis, such as when they are prevented from handcuffing suspects. Consequently, “no other way to quantify” the rise in crime exists.

However, Cunningham also claimed that law enforcement departments were highly ineffective when it came to helping people. However, her reports contrast strongly with reports released earlier this week, which illustrated that the increase of NYPD patrols has decreased the risk of assaults in subways across New York City.

At least 200 American law enforcement departments have reported a 45 percent uptick in retirements, as well as an 18 percent increase in resignations amongst law enforcement officers relative to 2020. Jake Verhalen, a Sergeant from Fulsom County, California, also pointed out that difficulties with personnel can be traced back to the various policies and rhetoric that has ensued since the passing of George Floyd.

While Verhalen acknowledges that some police have entered early retirement or resigned over issues such as benefits and pay, “a bigger picture” is at state: “That being, this public discourse if you will, against the police and some young people perhaps are asking themselves the question is that really a career path that I want to go down.”

Over on the East Coast, Bill Bratton, a former NYPD Commissioner, also remarked upon these concerns regarding law enforcement. Earlier in June, he noted that a massive increase in summer crime is likely to occur if the leftists keep pushing for defunding the police. Ultimately, streets will no longer be safe since law enforcement will simply no longer have the power or the resources to protect American citizens against violent criminals.