Pro-BLM Socialist Faces Serious Reckoning

This week, residents across Seattle, Washington began voting in a recall initiative that aims to remove Kshama Sawant, who is an avowed socialist, from the City Council. The recall initiative began in response to Sawant aiding and abetting the BLM protests in the city over the past year.

Thus far, the recall effort appears successful. When evaluating 41 percent of the current ballots, cast by roughly 78,000 residents in District 3, it was found that 53 percent of residents supported Sawant’s removal while 47 percent voted against the removal.

Consequently, the leaders of the recall effort have hailed the early results as “strong and promising” in terms of Sawant’s recall.

Sawant was initially elected to the council in 2013, notably when she was an Occupy Seattle protestor who demanded a $15/hour minimum wage and advocated rent control. She would need to win a minimum of 65 percent of the remaining vote in order to avoid being recalled.

Thus, Sawant’s comeback appears improbable, though has reported “sizable late swings for progressive candidates” have apparently become fairly normal across multiple elections in Seattle. Thus, the end result will like run right down to the wire, with every vote playing a critical role in shaping the election’s outcome.

Sawant does not appear fazed by the results so far, remarking that “every” election in Seattle has featured “a dramatic swing after election night in [the left’s] direction.”

“While we cannot be sure of the final result, if past trends hold, it appears working people may have prevailed in this fight,” Sawant added.

The stand-alone recall election is significant, as it is the first time that the recall effort of a council member has ever ascended to a ballot in Seattle. If Sawant is ultimately recalled, it is likely a sign that Seattle’s residents are becoming weary of her ultra far-left political ideology.

Sawant engaged in particularly controversial behavior when she openly supported the brazen tactics of the BLM protests in Seattle last year. Various proponents of the recall have claimed that Sawant repeatedly violated her oath of office through aiding the riots on numerous occasions.

Sawant has also openly called for the destruction of “rotten” capitalism in the United States, as well as in other nations around the world.