Pro-Trump Jews Viciously Attacked In Broad Daylight – Guess Who Did It?

In the home stretch before the election, promising rally after promising rally has appeared, to the degree that even fake news cannot obscure them. Massive rallies for Trump have not only sprung up in strongholds like Ohio and Arizona, but also in unlikely locations from New Jersey to Beverly Hills.

What has been even more stunning are the crowds drawn in New Jersey and Beverly Hills, which have curiously escalated as the fake news media’s attacks on Trump’s have increased. Perhaps there is a correlation.

Unfortunately, these rallies have also drawn out all the crazies who apparently cannot even hear Trump’s name without lapsing into an allergic overreaction, symptoms of which often include “cancelling” people on social media, punching veterans and children that support Trump, or setting fires to police stations and minority-owned businesses.

All while usually not even being arrested, never mind going to jail. Breaking the law with no consequences? Total privilege, right there.

These same leftist types, courtesy of the fact that liberal governors openly oppose law and order (oppose law and order everywhere but their streets, that is), now feel zero qualms about openly attacking Trump supporters, with one of the worst incidences taking place in New York City over the weekend.

Legions of Jewish supporters gathered together in a caravan to support Trump, boldly driving throughout New York. This gathering was incredibly large and highly encouraging, with the expected participation of “1,000 cars boasting Trump flags from Monsey, Flatbush, Boro Park and Manhattan.”

Other outlets have referred to the parade as the “largest Jewish car parade in history.”

Several American Patriots were heartened by the sight of such a massive pro-Trump display in his original home state of New York, with one of the participants neatly summarizing the appeal of the parade:

“We’ve had enough. Enough of the antisemitism … and just enough of this communist crap …

“This is the first time I’ve thing such a thing in my lifetime, and it’s just amazing,” he said, referring to the parade. It’s unity, love, everyone is happy, everyone is excited — you know? This is America.” [Source: Breitbart]

Leftists, being leftists, couldn’t stand the sight of any organized support for Trump.

So, they responded the way that leftists throughout history have responded to ideas different than their own: with violence.

Red paint thrown on cars? Check. People attacked with pepper spray? Check. Rocks hurled at cars? Check. Pretty much every vile attack you can think of, which brings to mind very unpleasant thoughts from 1930s Germany, was present.

In fact, these leftists were so vicious they attacked people directly in front of their own children. One man, who wisely wishes to remain anonymous, notes that he was assaulted with pepper spray in front of his children, who “are now left traumatized,” after the horrific attack.

Unfortunately, the attack on the Jewish caravan shows yet another a troubling trend in the northeast region. Increasingly draconian Cuomo and De Blasio have made their best effort to destroy New York, in particular New York City.

From permitting widespread crime to putting up homeless in 4-star hotels for free, not to mention defunding the police while demanding even more taxes from the “privileged,” both of these “representatives” have already done an excellent job running a once-great city to the ground.

Imagine De Blasio in charge during 9/11 instead of Giuliani. Frightening.

Anyway, under the tenure of De Blasio and Cuomo, violent riots are ok, of course, but apparently any kind of congregation of Orthodox Jews was completely unacceptable. Unsurprisingly, Trump has subsequently acquired even larger support from the Jewish community, not only due to this exceptional work in Israel and the Middle East in general, but also due to his respect for people’s rights and liberty.

These two jokers “running” New York have also felt it’s a good idea to implement some of the greatest restrictions on personal liberty in the country. Which has included severely curtailing the activities of Orthodox Jews, including their synagogues and religious gatherings.

And they’re surprised that an even massive pro-Trump movement has formed within the Jewish community?

Despite all the leftists’ efforts to suffocate support for Trump, one thing is for certain: It takes a special kind of President for several thousand to show up and continuously rally for him, especially when he is not even physically present!

Nothing short of the most extreme Democrat deception on the planet will stop the Trump train on November 3, now only 8 days away, but who is counting?

If you haven’t done so already, be sure to vote for freedom by November 3! Vote Trump!

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