Protestors Lay Siege On The White House — What’s Biden’s Next Move?

At the start of the week, far-left climate activists stormed the streets of Washington D.C. During their rampage, they wreaked havoc, vandalizing a statue of former President Andrew Jackson. The protestors also swarmed the White House, demanding that President Joe Biden take their complaints seriously.

The activists are associated with Build Back Fossil Free, a coalition of climate activists who intend to launch a five-day protest. The purpose of the lengthy protest is to encourage the Biden administration to take action to counter climate change, primarily by ending all projects related to fossil fuels while declaring a national emergency.

In a statement to Fox News on Monday, Siqiñiq Maupin, who served as the director of coalition core member the Sovereign Inupiat for a Living Arctic, stated that protests have continued happening since Biden has yet to follow through on various campaign promises regarding the environment.

“People are dying right now,” Maupin raged, attributing the deaths to “toxins,” “pollutants,” and “climate catastrophes” that keep occurring.

“We have to stop the harm,” Maupin continued, adding that Biden’s “entire election” was contingent upon his ability to turn out “Indigenous people” and “people of color.”

The activist also believes that lives continue to be “sacrificed for oil and gas,” which is precisely why the activists decided to gather in D.C. and protest.

The protestors have already been warned that law enforcement may become involved if protestors refuse to disperse themselves. One activist was arrested while shrieking they didn’t “want to die.”

During their protestors, activists demanded for Biden to either “expect” them or “respect” them, and they also scrawled “expect us” across Jackson’s statute, which is outside the White House.

Build Back Fossil Free is a nonprofit organization focused on climate change, and the coalition aims to ensure that Biden ultimately “becomes the climate change president he promised to be,” per the group’s official website.

Each of the five days of protest will feature a different theme. Monday’s protest focused on Indigenous Peoples Day.