Psaki Addresses Federal Funding For Drug Pipes

The Biden administration has recently come under fire for allegedly funding pipes for drug abuse, as part of its “safe smoking kits.”

According to the Washington Free Beacon, a Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) spokesman proclaimed that the kits, which include glass pipes for drug abuse, constituted part of a $30M grant program that aims to reduce disease and drug abuse.

However, HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, along with Office of National Drug Control Policy Director Dr. Rahul Gupta, issued a joint statement wherein they asserted that “no federal funding will be used directly or [indirectly]” for pipes’ placement in “safe smoking kits,” including no federal funds via various reimbursement programs.

In addition, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki railed against “inaccurate” media reporting in regards to the alleged fake news about federal funding for drug paraphenalia.

“[Pipes] were never part of the kit,” Psaki raged, blasting “inaccurate reporting.”

“We wanted to put out information to make that clear,” Psaki continued, adding that the Biden administration does not support federal funding for pipes.

The federal grant program is set to start in May under the umbrella of Biden’s American Rescue Plan, which, unlike his Build Back Better Plan, did pass through Congress. The grant program will last for three years, distributing approximately $400,000.

In addition, the program will also provide funding for local government and other nonprofit organizations in order to make drug use a safer experience for various individuals.

Psaki proclaimed that the safe smoking kits will contain items such as “alcohol swabs” and “other materials” designed for reducing the transmission of disease, as well as for promoting hygiene.

“We’re taking steps as a federal government to address the opioid epidemic,” Psaki brayed, noting that the public health crisis has resulted in the deaths of tens of thousands of Americans.

Gupta and Becerra also argued that safe smoking kits serve to “save lives” while reducing harm.