Psaki Called Out By WaPo For “Defund Police” Deception

Recently, Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary, proclaimed that the Republicans were the representatives ultimately responsible for defunding police, not the Democrats. This claim resulted in significant befuddlement and surprise to multiple individuals. In fact, this claim is considered “utterly ludicrous” to the extent that even the Washington Post, or WaPo, flagged Psaki for her blatant assertion.

Specifically, WaPo referred to the White House’s latest claims regarding “Defund Police” as “slipshod.” The publication points out that various GOP representatives have demonstrated strong opposition to Biden’s COVID-relief package; however, none of them voted in favor of defunding or cutting budgets to law enforcement. On the contrary, the Democrats had proposed $350B in emergency funding for various local and state governments. Republicans opposed this amount of additional funding, which is clearly “not a reduction,” as observed by WaPo.

In addition, the White House also attempted to further justify their claim when WaPo reached out the the Biden administration with inquiries regarding the claim against Republicans, which is that they “effectively” attempt to defund law enforcement through withholding their political support for the highly contested COVID-19 relief package.

However, WaPo was similarly unimpressed with this explanation. The newspaper responded that a vote “against a one-time infusion of cash” is hardly the same as voting in favor of cutting budgets, which means that there is extremely limited basis for claiming that the GOP is attempting to “defund police” through voting against Democrats’ various spending plans.

WaPo also wryly observed that “there’s not even a line item to attach to the [Biden administration’s] claim that the [GOP is] trying to defund the police.”

Consequently, Psaki received a whopping three Pinocchios for her claim, per WaPo’s fact check.

And, as illustrated below, various leaders have repeatedly called for defunding the police, and they are not GOP representatives.