Psaki Dodges Questions On Transgender Executive Orders

In a recent publication, Nikki Haley commented that Biden, who is a purported defender of women, is assailing them through his executive order.

Haley noted that transgender kids are worthy of respect and support, though she also added “biological boys and girls are built differently,” which means that the top male athletes still have a natural advantage over top female athletes. She also added, “you have to ignore science not to see it.”

Haley continued by providing various examples of this disadvantage, almost 300 high school males are faster than the fastest female sprinter in the world, even though the female athlete has collected nine Olympic medals to date. In addition, Haley also observed that when biological girls compete against biological boys, the girls virtually always lose. Moreover, they lose “not just the match, but also possible college scholarships and a lifetime of success in their favorite sport.”

She concluded by remarking that these girls’ “chance to shine is being stolen.”

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